Companies That Hire Sex Offenders

Being a sex offender brings so many issues to a person. Even though the person is now sober and has learned from his mistakes this society will never stop discriminating against him. In this scenario, finding a job for your daily needs becomes an almost impossible task. This is the sad reality that no one wants to hire a sex offender. However, I am here to help you out in this situation. I am going to compile a list of companies that hire sex offenders so you can try your luck there. If you want to get a new job then you need to read this guide.

Companies That Hire Sex Offenders

List Of Companies That Hire Sex Offenders in 2023

For your ease, I have added all the companies that can hire an employee with a sex offender record. So you can check this list and apply for a job interview now:

  1. Best Western
  2. Grainger
  3. Dunlop Tires
  4. Dollar Rent-A-Car
  5. Georgia-Pacific
  6. IBM
  7. Chili’s
  8. Subway
  9. Hanes
  10. Bed, Bath & Beyond
  11. Cambell’s Soup
  12. Motorola
  13. General Electric
  14. DuPont
  15. Carrier Corporation
  16. Metala USA
  17. Apple Inc.
  18. Greyhound
  19. Meijer
  20. US Steel Corporation
  21. Olive Garden
  22. Family Dollar
  23. Bridgestone
  24. Shell Oil
  25. Kelly Moore Paints
  26. Cintas
  27. Xerox
  28. In-N-Out Burger
  29. Home Depot
  30. Firestone Auto Care
  31. Lyf
  32. Toys “R” Us (Filed for bankruptcy in 2018 but tries for a comeback)
  33. Sara Lee
  34. Goodwill
  35. Lowe’s
  36. Rubbermaid
  37. Delta Faucets
  38. KFC
  39. Lyft
  40. General Mills
  41. Dr. Pepper
  42. PepsiCo
  43. Sony
  44. Kohl’s
  45. Aamco
  46. McDonald’s
  47. Ace Hardware
  48. Carl’s Jr.
  49. The New York Times
  50. Denny’s
  51. Lyft
  52. Avis Rent-A-Car
  53. Safeway
  54. Lyf
  55. Lyf
  56. Baskin-Robbins
  57. Frito-Lay
  58. Kohl’s
  59. Best Western
  60. Cintas
  61. Aramark
  62. Frito-Lay
  63. Duracell
  64. Kraft Foods
  65. Chili’s
  66. Meijer
  67. Dole Food Company
  68. Hanes
  69. Uhaul
  70. Dunlop Tires
  71. Delta Faucets
  72. Allstate Insurance Company
  73. Volunteers of America
  74. Jack in the Box
  75. Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association
  76. Amazon
  77. Wendy’s
  78. IHOP
  79. Sears & Roebuck Co. (Sears survived bankruptcy and will keep 400 stores open)
  80. Golden Corral
  81. Kohl’s
  82. Olive Garden
  83. Dollar Rent-A-Car
  84. Hanes
  85. Aramark
  86. Kroger
  87. Delta Faucets
  88. Sony
  89. Greyhound
  90. Craftsman (a brand owned by Sears)
  91. Walmart
  92. General Electric
  93. Sony
  94. Pilgrim’s
  95. Lyf
  96. Aramark
  97. Black & Decker
  98. KFC
  99. Dunlop Tires
  100. Home Depot

Small Businesses that Can Hire Sex Offenders

Here is another list of small businesses that can hire you with offensive records. You need to take a chance to apply here:

  1. Pet Grooming
  2. Snow Removal
  3. Plumbing
  4. Dog Poop Scooping
  5. Heating & Cooling
  6. Truck Driving
  7. Hanging Drywall
  8. Tree Removal
  9. Basic Yard Work
  10. Construction
  11. Lawn Care
  12. Ride Sharing (Lyft/Uber)
  13. Welding
  14. Landscaping
  15. Cleaning
  16. Brick or Tiling
  17. Roofing & Siding
  18. Delivery
  19. Painting
  20. Sprinkler Systems
  21. Cut and Sell Firewood
  22. Scrap Metal and Junk Yards
  23. Pet Sitting (Watching pets while the owners are gone)
  24. Hi-Tech Freelancing
  25. Dog Walking

Tips to Get a Job with Sex Offender Record

Here are some tips that will help you to get a job with sex offender records.

  • Be Honest: Always be honest about your criminal record on job applications or during interviews. Lying can lead to even more problems.
  • Understand Your Record: Familiarize yourself with your own criminal record. Know what information is out there and be prepared to discuss it if necessary.
  • Seek Legal Advice: Consult with an attorney who specializes in criminal record expungement or sealing to explore your options for improving your record.
  • Rehabilitation: Show that you’ve made efforts to rehabilitate yourself. This might include attending counseling or completing rehabilitation programs.
  • Skills Development: Enhance your skills through education or vocational training. Having valuable skills can make you a more attractive candidate.
  • Network: Build a network of supportive individuals who can vouch for your character and work ethic.
  • Volunteer Work: Engaging in volunteer work can help demonstrate your commitment to positive change and give you recent references.
  • Target Employers: Some companies are more lenient about hiring individuals with criminal records. Research and target these employers.
  • Know Your Rights: Understand the laws regarding employment and criminal records in your area. Some places have “Ban the Box” laws that limit when employers can ask about criminal history.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice how to explain your past honestly and positively during interviews. Focus on your growth and what you can bring to the job.
  • Stay Persistent: The job search process can be challenging, but persistence is key. Don’t get discouraged by rejection.
  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive attitude and outlook. A positive attitude can be contagious and make a strong impression on potential employers.


Having a sex offender charge on your record will definitely bring some troubles for you when you need a job. However, that does not mean you give up and do nothing. Every problem has a solution so this one is. You can check out all the companies that I have listed above and apply for jobs to get employment with your past issues Thanks for reading.

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