Do Temp Agencies Drug Test?

Looking for work can be stressful enough without worrying about passing a drug test. If you’re job hunting through a temp agency, you may be wondering – will they make me take a drug test? The short answer is, it depends. Many staffing agencies do require drug screening as part of the hiring process. But others forego testing altogether. But do Temp agencies drug test in 2023?

Why the difference? Several factors come into play. The requirements of the client company are a big one. Some businesses insist temp workers be tested first. The type of job or industry matters too. Operating heavy machinery or working in healthcare typically involves screening. Even the agency’s own policies can dictate whether they test or not.

So we will find out the right answer to this question in this detailed guide.

Do Temp Agencies Drug Test in 2023?

Temp agencies often have varied policies when it comes to drug testing potential employees. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as testing frequently depends on the specific job, client demands, and agency policies. 

Do Temp Agencies Drug Test

Some of the main situations where a temp agency is likely to require a drug test include:

Drug Testing Due to Client’s Demand

Many staffing agency clients will explicitly require drug testing for all temporary workers. Common examples include manufacturing plants, construction companies, and any business involving operating heavy machinery. The temp agency has to comply with these client requests.

Drug Test for Conditional Employees

Some temp agencies make initial job offers contingent on passing a drug screening. This means you only get the assignment after your test comes back clean. Failing the test nullifies the job offer.

Drug Test On Orientation

There are many staffing firms that require new temp employees to submit to a drug test at orientation before starting any assignment. This blanket testing aims to filter out applicants who might show up to jobs impaired.

Random Drug Test

Temp workers placed on longer-term assignments may face random drug tests, just like permanent staff at the hiring company. This periodic testing deters drug use and reinforces a commitment to a drug-free workplace.

The takeaway? Temp agencies handle drug testing differently. Be upfront about asking about their policies. And if a test is required, prepare accordingly to avoid losing out on potential jobs.

What Procedures Does Temp Agencies Use to Perform a Drug Test?

When a temp agency requires a drug test, there are a few common methods they will use. Many agencies will send applicants to a designated medical clinic or lab facility to complete the test. This allows the sample collection and testing to be handled by trained professionals.

At the clinic, you’ll be asked to provide a urine sample or undergo an oral swab test. 

For urine testing, you will go into a private restroom while a technician waits outside. The sample is examined on-site or shipped to a lab for analysis, checking for a range of illegal and prescription drugs. Oral swab tests can screen for recent drug use by collecting saliva from inside your mouth.

Some key precautions apply during the testing process. The collection of urine or saliva must follow strict chain-of-custody procedures to ensure no tampering occurs. As the donor, you will initial seals on sample containers and fill out paperwork to track handling. Proper identification is also required at the time of testing.

While less common, a temp agency may administer an in-house drug screening. This involves providing an oral fluid or urine sample at the agency’s office, with a staff member directly overseeing the collection process. 

The sample is then shipped to a certified lab under-documented chain-of-custody protocols for chemical analysis.

Regardless of location, the drug testing process for temp agencies aims to be discreet yet meticulously documented. This provides valid, tamper-proof results that assess applicants’ fitness for placement in client companies. Understanding what to expect can help reduce stress leading up to the test.


Navigating drug screening policies can seem like an obstacle course when seeking temporary work. The reality is staffing agencies take varied approaches based on job types, client needs, and their own procedures. 

While testing aims to validate applicants’ readiness for placement, it also safeguards the integrity of client businesses. Knowing some temp jobs come with screening requirements allows job seekers to prepare accordingly. 

Approaching the process with transparency and an understanding of common practices can lead to better outcomes. With insight and planning, drug testing doesn’t have to be a roadblock on your path to new opportunities through a temp agency. Focus your efforts on finding the right fit, and let the details take care of themselves.

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