Does Albertsons Drug Test?

Albertsons is one of the greatest grocery stores in 2023. So you are the one who decided to apply your resume there, and you want to know that does Albertsons drug test. Then you need to read this article through the end.

Albertsons, as a major grocery chain, likely has standardized policies across locations. However, the specifics may depend on local and state laws. Some key factors are the types of tests, what drugs are screened for, and when tests are required. 

Understanding Albertsons’ approach can help you take a better step towards employment. The details reveal how they balance worker privacy with safety. Rather than giving a simple yes or no, it’s worth diving into the nuances. Let’s explore this topic further and see what Albertsons’ drug testing policies actually entail.

About Albertsons Company

Albertsons is a major American grocery company with a long history. It was founded back in 1939 by a businessman named Joe Albertson in Idaho. From those humble beginnings, Albertsons has grown into one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States. 

Today, Albertsons operates over 2,200 stores across dozens of states and employs around 270,000 people. That’s a huge workforce! Albertsons offers shoppers everything from fresh produce to household essentials. 

The company has changed ownership a few times over the decades, with its most recent acquisition being in 2022. Albertsons was bought by Kroger for a whopping $25 billion. 

Even after over 80 years in business, Albertsons continues to be a powerhouse in the grocery industry thanks to its selection, competitive prices, and convenient locations. The next time you stop by an Albertsons store, you’ll be shopping at a true American retail success story.

Does Albertsons Drug Test Employees?

We have been receiving queries like Does Albertsons drug test at interview or Does Albertsons drug test at orientation, so here is the answer.

Does Albertsons Drug Test

No, Albertsons does not conduct any type of pre-employment drug test for their employees. The company decided to close the drug testing for pre-employment in 2020. It was due to an increase in the number of employees who are working in in-store positions.

So, you do not need to worry if you are going to apply for a store position. However, Albertsons still has the right to conduct a drug test for special occasions. And to know about that, you need to keep reading. 

For What Job Positions Does Albertsons Drug Test?

While there is no drug screening for in-store positions yet there are some positions where Albertsons can perform a drug test for new and old employees. Let’s have a look at those positions.

  1. Truck Drivers Hiring
  2. Distribution Centers Hiring
  3. Random Drug Test
  4. Post-Accident Drug Test

Truck Drivers Hiring

At Albertsons, truck drivers are required to take and pass a drug test. This applies to new truck driver hires as well as current drivers. Albertsons has a strict no-drug policy for drug use for drivers operating their delivery trucks and transporting goods between distribution centers and stores. 

Drivers must consent to random drug screening to ensure they remain substance-free while on duty. The goal is to protect the safety of drivers, other motorists, and the transported cargo.

Distribution Centers Hiring

Employees at Albertsons distribution centers must take and pass an initial drug test prior to getting a job. Distribution center workers are subject to random drug screening even after hiring. 

These employees have physically demanding warehouse jobs including lifting, packing, and shipping inventory. Being under the influence could endanger themselves or others. Albertsons maintains drug testing at distribution facilities to promote a safe, accident-free workplace.

Random Drug Testing

In addition to new hire screening, Albertsons policy authorizes random drug testing company-wide. All employees, no matter their position or tenure, can be selected at any time for a surprise drug test. 

This random screening aims to deter drug use and enforce Albertsons’ no-tolerance stance. Failing a random drug test can result in termination. This blanket testing policy keeps workers vigilant about abstaining from substance use.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Any employee involved in an on-the-job accident or injury at Albertsons must submit to immediate drug testing. This applies even if the employee was not directly responsible for the accident. 

The goal is to determine whether drugs or alcohol were a factor. Employees must pass the drug screening in order to remain employed following the incident. This testing ensures accountability and safety after accidents.

What is the Type of Drug Test Albertson Conducts?

Albertsons utilizes mouth swab drug testing for employees. This simple screening collects saliva to detect recent drug use. An oral fluid sample is taken by swabbing inside the cheek. Testing is done onsite and results are available within minutes. 

Mouth swab screening looks for common illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and methamphetamines. Albertsons prefers oral fluid testing because it is minimally invasive compared to urine or blood tests. The quick results also enable rapid decisions about hiring or discipline. While mouth swabs cannot detect long-term use, they are ideal for identifying recent drug intake. 

This allows Albertsons to efficiently assess if applicants or employees have used substances shortly before reporting for important safety-sensitive duties. With mouth swab tests, Albertsons can promote drug-free workplaces.


Albertsons takes measures to ensure drug-free and safe workplaces. The company conducts mouth swab drug testing on employees in select positions such as truck drivers, distribution center workers, and after on-the-job accidents. 

Albertsons also reserves the right to randomly drug test existing employees regardless of role. While in-store staff do not currently undergo screening, the random test policy acts as a deterrent for all workers. 

So if you are looking for a job at Albertsons, you are free to go and give an interview if you are going to apply for in-store positions.

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