Does Amazon Background Check?

With thousands of employees across the globe, Amazon has established itself as one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. But how does one get a job at this competitive organization? For many applicants, a key question looms – Does Amazon background check? While background screening policies vary by location, Amazon ensures candidate quality and workplace safety.

Criminal history, education, and other credentials are verified. While concerning for some, this process aims for fairness in hiring. With care taken to evaluate individuals, it need not be an automatic disqualifier. For those aspiring to join the tech giant’s team, Amazon’s background check is an understandable hurdle on the journey. But preparation, honesty, and persistence can see many crosses that finish line.

So let’s find out the answer to the question of does Amazon hire felons in 2023.

Does Amazon Background Check?

Does Amazon Background Check

Landing a job at the e-commerce juggernaut Amazon is a goal for many, but does the tech giant thoroughly vet applicants first? Unequivocally, yes. Amazon prides itself on safety and runs pre-employment screenings, including criminal and education checks, on all potential hires. 

Some may balk at the idea of a background check, fearful it may dash hopes of joining Amazon’s ranks. However, the company approaches evaluations holistically, weighing the relevance and severity of issues. 

For those dedicated to an Amazon career, the screening poses a surmountable obstacle, not a roadblock. Preparation and honesty when discussing one’s history are key. With due diligence, Amazon aims to make informed recruiting choices, not blanket judgments. 

So for determined applicants, background checks are a standard and reasonable step on the path to securing an Amazon job.

What Are the Positions That Requires a Background Check at Amazon?

At Amazon, background checks are conducted on candidates for various roles across the company. The key positions subject to screening are:

Corporate Positions

Jobs in departments like finance, legal, and HR often necessitate checks to verify education, criminal history, and certifications due to the sensitive nature of the work. Screenings help ensure those filling corporate roles meet professional standards.

Customer Fulfillment Positions

Positions in Amazon’s extensive fulfillment and logistics operations also undergo background checks. With access to inventory and customer data, safety and trustworthiness are paramount. Pre-employment vetting aims to prevent potential workplace misconduct.

Customer Service Positions

For those interacting with the public as Amazon customer service representatives, background checks are standard procedure. Scrutinizing criminal offenses helps Amazon maintain customer safety and satisfaction.

While background checks are not universally required, Amazon takes care to implement screening where prudent based on business needs, compliance, and risk factors. With focused evaluations, Amazon sustains its reputation for safety and excellence.

What Does the Amazon Background Check Find?

Amazon’s pre-employment screening is a thorough process examining multiple aspects of candidates’ histories. Here’s an overview of key areas of focus:

Criminal Background Check

Amazon will search for any misdemeanors or felonies at the county, state, and federal level. Convictions in the past 7-10 years are especially scrutinized for risk, though all criminal records are reviewed. The relevance, severity, and timeframe of offenses weigh on hiring decisions.

Driving Record

For positions involving driving, such as delivery drivers, Amazon conducts DMV checks. Licensure status and any moving violations or accidents are vetted to ensure an acceptable road safety history.

Vehicle Report

Vehicle inspections may also be required for driver roles to confirm the individual has a properly registered, insured vehicle in good working order for the job.

Employment Verification

Confirming work history and eligibility for rehire from previous employers also commonly occurs. False credentials or performance issues impacting eligibility may emerge.

Education Verification

The highest degrees obtained are verified through applicants’ universities. Academic records must support educational claims.

Though not exhaustive, this overview covers some of the priority areas Amazon focuses on with pre-employment screening. Comprehensive checks aim to ensure ideal candidates join the company.

How Long Does the Amazon Background Check Take?

The Amazon background check typically takes 1 to 4 weeks. Here’s a detailed explanation of the process:

  • Submission of Application: After you’ve applied for a job at Amazon and gone through the initial screening process, the company will request your consent to conduct a background check. You will be required to provide your personal information, including your full name, address, and Social Security number.
  • Information Verification: Amazon will verify the information you provided, such as your educational background, employment history, and any professional certifications. They may also check your criminal history, driving record, and credit history, depending on the position you’re applying for.
  • Third-Party Screening: Amazon often uses third-party screening companies to conduct background checks. These agencies collect information from various sources, including criminal databases, credit bureaus, and previous employers.


Does the Amazon background check include a credit check?

Yes, for certain positions, especially those related to finance, Amazon’s background check may include a credit check.

Does Amazon verify educational qualifications during the background check?

Yes, Amazon verifies educational qualifications to ensure the accuracy of the credentials provided by applicants.

Does the duration of Amazon’s background check vary for different applicants?

Yes, the duration of the background check can vary based on the complexity of an applicant’s history and the responsiveness of third-party screening agencies.

Does Amazon communicate with applicants during the background check process?

Yes, Amazon may contact applicants for additional information or clarification if discrepancies or issues arise during the background check.


In conclusion, securing a job at Amazon is a significant goal for many, and the company does indeed conduct thorough background checks for potential hires. These checks cover various aspects such as criminal history, education, and more, ensuring that individuals meet the company’s standards for safety and trustworthiness.

While the prospect of a background check might seem daunting to some, Amazon takes a holistic approach, considering the context and severity of any issues. This means that a past mistake need not be an automatic barrier to employment with the tech giant.

Overall, for those dedicated to building a career at Amazon, the background check is a reasonable and surmountable step on the path to securing a job at this global e-commerce juggernaut. Thanks for reading.

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