Does Coca-Cola Hire Felons?

The familiar pop and fizz of a Coca-Cola bottle being opened sparks memories of backyard barbeques and baseball games for many Americans. However, for some with a criminal record, the iconic soda brand stirs more complex feelings. Especially when you are searching for an answer to does Coca-Cola hire felons in 2023.

Coca-Cola, one of the largest beverage companies worldwide, maintains a far-reaching workforce. So, does Coca-Cola hire felons? While a criminal conviction presents barriers to employment, the company recognizes rehabilitation. 

Moreover, they aim to boost diversity and inclusion. Additionally, salaries and advancement opportunities entice applicants. So for determined individuals, Coca-Cola offers hope. With over 700 facilities globally, positions exist to fit varied skills. 

Furthermore, company programs guide those with records toward success. However, stiff competition means applicants must showcase their qualifications. In short, hard work and persistence may open new doors. So read this article to learn about everything related to the hiring of Coca-Cola with felonies.

Takeaway of this article:

  • Coca-Cola does hire felons based on individual circumstances and nature of the conviction.
  • Transparency and rehabilitation are important during the application process.
  • Background checks cover the past 7 years, and they consider factors like criminal history, driving record, credit history, and more.
  • Some roles may be more suitable for felons, such as production, warehouse, or driving positions.

Coca-Cola – A Century of Pride

For over 100 years, Coca-Cola has refreshed the world with its signature sweet, bubbly beverage. The iconic soft drink was first created in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. 

His syrup mixed with carbonated water produced a refreshing new taste that quickly caught on as a popular soda fountain drink. In the early 1900s, visionary businessman Asa Candler acquired the Coca-Cola recipe and began bottling and distributing the drink for mass consumption. 

Fueled by innovative advertising and the newly invented six-pack, Coca-Cola spread across the United States and worldwide. Today, Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands globally, available in over 200 countries. 

Over the past century, Coca-Cola has become deeply ingrained in American culture and values. From sponsoring the Olympics to innovative holiday advertising campaigns like Santa Claus, Coca-Cola has leveraged American iconography to promote its brand. 

The company takes pride in being a worldwide symbol of quality, enjoyment, and Americanness. Coca-Cola’s lasting legacy is its refreshment, bringing joy and connection to generations around the globe.

Does Coca-Cola Hire Felons?

Does Coca-Cola Hire Felons

Yes, Coca-Cola does hire felons. However, getting a job offer won’t be easy. Moreover, it depends on your specific conviction, when it occurred, and how well you’ve rehabilitated since then.

First, Coca-Cola strongly values diversity and inclusion. So they don’t outright reject applicants with criminal records. Furthermore, they believe in providing second chances. However, they have to balance this against safety risks.

Certain roles at Coca-Cola involve handling cash, access to confidential data, or managing company assets. So convictions for theft, fraud, violence or recent drug offenses make getting hired very unlikely. However, for other roles like production, shipping, or manual labor, a record doesn’t automatically disqualify you.

During the hiring process, be prepared to discuss your conviction transparently. Explain how you’ve changed and the skills you offer. Highlight a steady work history since your offense. Letters of recommendation from employers help too.

In short, apply if you’re qualified. Be patient and persistent. With the right reforms and qualifications, Coca-Cola may offer felons a fresh start. But rehabilitation and honesty give you the best chance of getting hired.

What Are the Tips for Felons When Applying to Coca-Cola?

Here are some unique tips for felons when applying for jobs at Coca-Cola:

  • Highlight transferable skills. Emphasize communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and other abilities valued by Coca-Cola. Match these skills to the role you’re pursuing.
  • Seek relevant training and certifications. Completing courses related to manufacturing, distribution or sales shows initiative. So does earning licenses like a forklift operator certificate.
  • Focus your resume on accomplishments. Quantify achievements at past jobs. For example, “Improved production line efficiency by 15%.”
  • Address the gap in your work history. Be ready to briefly explain what you were doing while incarcerated. Focus on positive steps like education.
  • Be open about your record. Honestly disclose your conviction during the hiring process. Emphasize learnings and changes since then.
  • Get letters of recommendation. Ask parole officers, counselors, mentors, or past employers to vouch for your character.
  • Apply persistently. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t hired at first. Keep applying to suitable openings.
  • Interview professionally. Project confidence and commitment. Show you have the maturity Coca-Cola seeks in employees.

In summary, showcase your full potential. With preparation and perseverance, you can land a second chance.

How Far Back Does Coca-Cola Background Check Go?

Coca-Cola’s background checks typically cover 7 years of your personal and professional history. However, they may also review other records depending on the role.

For most positions, the background check will verify:

  • Criminal records: Felony and misdemeanor convictions over the last 7 years. However, some serious violent or financial crimes may be checked further back.
  • Employment history: Your reported work history will be confirmed going back 7 years. Significant gaps may need explaining.
  • Driving record: They will examine your DMV report for any infractions or license suspensions in the past 7 years. DUI’s often disqualify driving roles.
  • Credit history: A credit check helps assess responsibility and trustworthiness for financial or management roles. Bankruptcies stay on your report for 7-10 years.
  • Education: Degrees and professional licenses you list will be verified.

So, be prepared to explain your activities over the past 7 years. However, certain roles may warrant deeper inquiries. Honesty is key, as dishonesty can itself disqualify you.

What Are the Factors That Coca-Cola Will Look in My Background Check?

Here are some key factors Coca-Cola will evaluate in your background check:

  • Criminal history: Convictions for theft, fraud, violence, or recent drug offenses are red flags. However, they’ll consider the nature and recency of crimes on a case-by-case basis.
  • Driving record: Multiple moving violations or DUI’s in the past 5-7 years could disqualify for driving roles.
  • Credit report: Financial responsibility is crucial for management and accounting roles. Bankruptcies and unpaid debts raise concerns.
  • Employment gaps: You’ll need to explain gaps longer than a few months. Time incarcerated or caring for family are understandable reasons.
  • Job performance: Past employers may be contacted about reliability, honesty, and skills demonstrated on the job.
  • Personality assessment: Tests help assess judgment, integrity, attitudes, and temperament for the job.
  • Drug screening: Urine tests screen for recent use of illegal drugs pre-employment.

Overall, aim for transparency about past mistakes. Coca-Cola seeks candidates who take accountability and showcase rehabilitation.


Does Coca-Cola hire felons for warehouse or production jobs?

Yes, Coca-Cola may hire felons with recent relevant convictions for select production and warehouse roles. However, violent crimes or theft could still disqualify applicants.

How long does Coca-Cola wait to hire someone with a felony conviction?

Coca-Cola typically wants at least 5 years to have passed since a felony conviction or release from incarceration before considering hiring. However, they evaluate individual circumstances.

What entry-level jobs may Coca-Cola offer felons?

Felons may qualify for Coca-Cola jobs like production line workers, warehouse associates, delivery drivers, machine operators, or custodial work. However, driving records are scrutinized.

Does Coca-Cola conduct routine employee background checks?

Yes, Coca-Cola conducts background checks and drug tests throughout employment, not just at hiring. Some roles require re-verification annually.

Can felons get jobs in Coca-Cola’s corporate offices?

Corporate and management roles are unlikely for felons, as Coca-Cola prefers candidates with clean records handling finances or data.

Does Coca-Cola hire ex-offenders through special programs?

No, Coca-Cola doesn’t have targeted programs for ex-offenders. However, they advise pursuing education and training to boost qualifications.


For ex-offenders seeking redemption, Coca-Cola can offer hope. They recognize rehabilitation and believe in second chances. Although the road may be challenging, their vast global workforce presents opportunities. By showcasing qualifications, reflecting on past mistakes, and maintaining persistence, felons can get a foot in the door.

With transparency, preparation, and a commitment to positive change, a Coca-Cola career is possible. I wish the best to all those striving for a better future. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! Thank you for reading.

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