Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Dollar Tree is no doubt a discount variety store that has 15,115 stores in a whopping 48 states of the US. When applying for a job at Dollar Tree, the question comes to mind “Does Dollar Tree drug test?”. As one of the nation’s largest retail chains, Dollar Tree has to balance company policies with the privacy of employees. But does that mean they do drug screenings on pre-employment?

What approach does Dollar Tree take? Does the discount store go the route of mass retailers who want to minimize risks? Or do they skip testing to ease the hiring process? The answer may surprise people given the store’s budget-friendly image. 

To find out if Dollar Tree rolls out the drug tests for applicants and employees, read on. This article provides the inside scoop from current and former Dollar Tree staff about the company’s actual drug screening practices.

About Dollar Tree Company

Dollar Tree has grown from small beginnings into one of the largest retail chains in the United States. Founded in 1953 as a five-and-dime store in Norfolk, Virginia, Dollar Tree has expanded to over 15,000 locations across 48 states today. 

The company focuses on selling all products for just $1, appealing to bargain-hunting shoppers across the country. Dollar Tree shook up the industry when it acquired rival chain Family Dollar in 2014 for $8.5 billion. The merger solidified Dollar Tree’s position as a dominant force in the country’s dollar-store landscape. 

Now with over 15,000 stores nationwide, Dollar Tree continues providing customers with extreme value on everyday household items and more. Though much has changed over the years, Dollar Tree still sticks to its original concept of making shopping fun and affordable.

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test On Pre-Employment?

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test

When applying for a job at Dollar Tree, many prospective employees wonder if they will have to take a drug test. Unlike some major corporations, Dollar Tree does not make pre-employment drug screening a standard policy across all positions. 

For most roles like cashiers, stockers, and sales associates, applicants can rest assured that Dollar Tree will not require passing a drug test before being hired.

The company trusts that the average worker it hires from the community does not engage in substance abuse that would impair job duties. Except in cases where mandated by state or local laws, frontline staff can start working without going through any drug testing process. This approach helps Dollar Tree expand its employee pool and makes it easy for people to join the team.

However, applicants for management roles like store, district, or regional managers should expect to take and pass a drug test. Dollar Tree sees these higher-level jobs as more sensitive, requiring screening to minimize risks. The test would likely be a typical urine analysis looking for the most common narcotics. Failing the test would disqualify the applicant from being hired.

So, regular rank-and-file employees won’t face drug screening at Dollar Tree. However, applicants for managerial positions should be prepared to comply with a pre-employment drug test as a condition of hiring into those roles.

How Does Dollar Tree Conduct Urine Drug Tests?

For management positions at Dollar Tree that require pre-employment drug screening, the process is straightforward. Applicants first have to complete an electronic consent form to take the test. This authorizes the release of results to Dollar Tree.

The urine test itself takes place at an approved third-party testing facility or lab. The observer will inspect the bathroom before the test to clear any containers of adulterants. Applicants then urinate into a sample cup in private. The observer checks the temperature and color to ensure it is natural urine.

The sample gets sealed and shipped to the lab for a five-panel drug screen, checking for THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. Results typically come back in 1-3 days. A positive or inconclusive result means disqualification from hiring.

To pass, the best approach is to be substance-free for 1-3 months before applying, depending on the drug. Prescriptions must be disclosed in advance. Adulterants to mask drug use could be deemed refusal to test. With preparation, the urine test can be passed cleanly, allowing applicants to proceed with the Dollar Tree job opportunity.


There is no big deal when it comes to does Dollar Tree drug test as they typically do not do it. However, if you are going to apply for managerial staff, then you may need to pass a urine test.

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