Does FedEx Background Check?

Are you eagerly anticipating a job offer from FedEx, or perhaps you’re considering a career change and FedEx has caught your eye? In either case, you might be wondering, “Does FedEx background check?” It’s a common concern for job seekers and potential employees alike, and the answer can significantly impact your career prospects. 

So in this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of FedEx’s hiring process. We will explore the importance of pre-employment background checks, and what they entail. Also, how they can affect your chances of joining one of the world’s leading courier and logistics companies. 

So, stay tuned as we unravel the intricate tapestry of FedEx’s background check procedures and unveil the crucial information you need to navigate your journey into the world of FedEx.

Takeaway of this article:

  • FedEx conducts comprehensive background checks.
  • The check type varies by job, covering criminal history, finances, and more.
  • Serious felonies like violence or drug trafficking may disqualify candidates.
  • Individual circumstances and rehabilitation efforts are considered in hiring decisions.

How is FedEx as an Employer?

FedEx, established on May 5, 1971, is a renowned employer with a workforce of around 547,000 employees. When it comes to applying for a job at FedEx, there are several notable benefits that make it an attractive choice.

  • Competitive Compensation: FedEx offers competitive salaries and benefits. Also, they understand the value of rewarding their employees for their hard work.
  • Career Growth: This company provides ample opportunities for career advancement. They invest in their employees’ professional development, offering training programs and support for career progression.
  • Work-Life Balance: FedEx values work-life balance, which is essential for employees’ well-being. They strive to create a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: FedEx is committed to diversity and inclusion. They embrace employees from all backgrounds and cultures, fostering a rich and inclusive work environment.
  • Employee Discounts: Employees can benefit from various discounts and perks. Including reduced shipping rates, which can be a significant advantage, especially if you frequently send packages.
  • Health and Wellness: FedEx provides comprehensive health and wellness programs, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring that employees and their families are well taken care of.
  • Community Involvement: The company actively participates in community service and philanthropic initiatives, allowing employees to contribute to meaningful causes.
  • Safety First: FedEx prioritizes the safety of its employees, implementing robust safety measures and guidelines to ensure a secure work environment.
  • Innovative Environment: FedEx is at the forefront of innovation in the logistics and courier industry, making it an exciting place to work for those who thrive in a dynamic, technology-driven atmosphere.
  • Global Reach: With a global presence, working at FedEx can open doors to international opportunities and experiences.

Does FedEx Background Check Employees?

Does FedEx Background Check

FedEx is known for being a great company to work for, with competitive pay and benefits as I mentioned above. Part of what makes FedEx a good employer is that they want to ensure a safe and secure work environment. For this reason, FedEx does conduct background checks on all employees before they are hired.

The background checks allow FedEx to verify that potential employees do not have a criminal history or other red flags that could make them unfit for the job. This helps FedEx feel confident about who they are bringing into the company. The checks typically include examining criminal records, employment history, and education credentials.

FedEx generally runs the background check after a conditional job offer has been made to the candidate. The candidate has to consent to the background check first. If issues come up in the check, FedEx will evaluate the findings and decide if they still want to proceed with hiring the individual. Minor concerns may not disqualify someone, but serious red flags could result in the offer being rescinded.

What is the Type of Background Check that FedEx Conducts?

FedEx conducts thorough background checks on potential employees to verify identity, education, employment history, and any criminal records. The exact type of check can vary somewhat depending on the job role:

For most positions like package handlers, drivers, and warehouse workers, FedEx will run a standard criminal background check going back 7-10 years. This looks for any convictions, arrests, or pending cases for serious crimes that could impact someone’s ability to work safely.

Jobs that involve handling money like couriers may undergo an additional financial background check. This verifies credit history and checks for any bankruptcies, tax liens, or judgments that could be a red flag.

Management roles and tech jobs may also require an education verification check beyond just looking at degrees. This looks into specific schools attended and degrees earned to confirm the candidate was truthful.

Positions with access to sensitive data will undergo identity verification and sometimes require FBI fingerprinting. This looks for any alias names to prevent potential fraud.

Regardless of position, FedEx will often check references and employment history as well to get a full picture of the applicant. The idea is to thoroughly vet candidates and prevent potential issues down the road. Safety and security are paramount at FedEx.

What Type of Felony Disqualifies You To Work at FedEx?

FedEx, like many employers, has specific criteria when it comes to hiring individuals with felony convictions. While each case is assessed individually, there are certain types of felonies that can disqualify you from employment at FedEx. These include:

Violent Felonies:

  • Convictions for violent crimes, such as murder, assault, or kidnapping, are typically viewed as disqualifying offenses due to concerns about workplace safety.

Sexual Offenses:

  • Felonies related to sexual misconduct, including rape and child molestation, can result in disqualification from employment at FedEx due to the potential risks to employees and customers.

Drug Trafficking:

  • Convictions for drug trafficking and distribution of illegal substances can be disqualifying, as FedEx is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Theft and Fraud:

  • Felonies related to theft, embezzlement, or fraud are generally disqualifying, as they raise concerns about integrity and trustworthiness in handling packages and sensitive information.

Weapons Offenses:

  • Felonies involving illegal possession or use of firearms or other weapons may disqualify an applicant due to safety considerations.

Terrorism-Related Offenses:

  • Convictions associated with acts of terrorism or providing support to terrorist organizations can result in automatic disqualification.

White-Collar Crimes:

  • Felonies related to financial crimes, such as money laundering or corporate fraud, can raise concerns about an applicant’s ethics and may lead to disqualification.

FedEx’s hiring decisions may vary based on the nature and severity of the offense, how much time has passed since the conviction, and the applicant’s rehabilitation efforts. While these are general guidelines, individual circumstances are taken into account during the background check process. 

If you have a felony conviction and are interested in working at FedEx, it’s advisable to be honest about your past and be prepared to discuss your rehabilitation and efforts to reintegrate into the workforce.


Working with FedEx is an amazing experience however passing the background check is mandatory. You need to be prepared for a check of 7 to 10 years back and there are some extreme level felonies that can disqualify you. However, there are many chances that you will get a job position at FedEx even with minor criminal records.

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