Does FedEx Drug Test?

Are curious about job opportunities at FedEx and wondering if they conduct drug tests? Well, you’re not alone in your inquiry: Does FedEx drug test? It’s a common question for job seekers, and in this article, we’ll delve into this topic to give you a clear answer. Let’s uncover the facts and get the information you need.

Does FedEx Drug Test?

The answer is yes. FedEx is a reputable and famous courier service provider so they have to maintain a safe working place. So to tackle the abuse of drugs, they have a strong drug detection test program that every employee has to pass.

Does FedEx Drug Test

If you are someone who wants to apply for a job at FedEx and you are not sure what type of drug test they conduct then continue the reading.

FedEx Drug Test Type

FedEx employs a five-panel drug test to ensure a safe and drug-free work environment for its employees. This comprehensive test screens for several substances, which include:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • PCP
  • Amphetamines
  • Tranquilizers
  • LSD
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Opioids

By conducting this thorough drug test, FedEx maintains a commitment to safety and upholds its standards for a drug-free workplace. If you’re considering employment with FedEx, understanding their drug testing policy is an important step in the application process.

How Does FedEx Conduct a Drug Test?

Below are the procedures that FedEx uses to conduct a drug test of any employee.

  • Urine Tests: This is one of the most common methods of drug testing. A urine test involves collecting a sample of an individual’s urine, which is then analyzed for the presence of drugs or their metabolites. FedEx may use this method because it is non-invasive, relatively easy to administer, and can detect a wide range of substances. Urine tests are especially effective in detecting past drug use, making them a valuable tool for pre-employment and random drug testing.
  • Blood Tests: Blood tests are highly accurate and can provide real-time information about an individual’s drug use. FedEx may opt for blood tests when they need to determine whether someone is currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While blood tests are more invasive than urine tests, they can detect a broader range of substances and provide precise results.
  • Breath Test: A breath test, often referred to as a breathalyzer test, is primarily used to detect alcohol consumption. FedEx might employ this method to check for alcohol impairment, especially for employees in safety-sensitive positions, such as drivers. Breath tests measure the concentration of alcohol in the breath, which correlates with the alcohol level in the bloodstream.
  • Saliva Tests: Saliva tests are convenient and non-invasive. They involve swabbing the inside of a person’s mouth to collect a saliva sample. FedEx may use saliva tests because they are quick and can detect recent drug use. While they may not be as comprehensive as urine or blood tests, saliva tests are suitable for on-site testing and can provide rapid results.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

FedEx does conduct a urine drug test for package handlers as part of their employment screening process.

Ensuring a drug-free workplace is essential for safety and efficiency, and drug testing is a standard procedure for many positions within the company, including package handlers. 

It helps maintain a secure and reliable work environment for both employees and customers. If you are considering a career as a package handler at FedEx, it’s important to be aware of and prepared for their drug testing policy.

What is the HHS Mirror 30C7 Drug Test?

The HHS Mirror 30C7 drug test is a urine-based drug test that follows the guidelines established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This drug test is commonly used for individuals in safety-sensitive positions, such as those regulated by the DOT, which includes commercial drivers, pilots, and other transportation-related roles.

The HHS Mirror 30C7 drug test typically screens for a specific panel of commonly abused drugs, which may include substances such as amphetamines, cannabinoids (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). It adheres to the guidelines and standards set by the HHS to ensure consistency and accuracy in drug testing across different agencies and industries.

Does FedEx Drug Test at Orientation?

No, FedEx typically conducts drug tests for potential employees before the orientation, as part of their pre-employment screening process. This allows FedEx to ensure that all individuals attending the orientation are qualified candidates who meet their drug-free workplace standards. 

Drug testing before orientation is a common practice in many organizations to streamline the hiring process and ensure that new hires are ready to start their employment with the company.


FedEx does conduct drug tests as part of its commitment to maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace. The company employs a thorough five-panel drug test and utilizes various testing methods to ensure employee compliance. 

Understanding their drug testing policy is crucial for anyone considering employment with FedEx. If you have any concerns about FedEx drug tests you can visit the official website as well.

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