Does Giant Eagle Drug Test?

Giant Eagle is a place where we buy groceries, clothes, electronics, and other things that we use in our daily lives. So what would be the experience of working in a place where you go every day to buy daily routine products? Well, Giant Eagle is famous for its good behavior with their employees. And one question that you would ask us after that is, does Giant Eagle drug test? That’s why you are here and we will answer you for sure.

With over 493 stores, this giant retailer has gained the 49th position as the largest retailer in the US. So it will be a great experience to work with something great and giant like this superstore.

Now we will find out whether they conduct a drug test on pre-employment or not and if yes then what is the process? Stay tuned with us.

Does Giant Eagle Drug Test For Pre-Employees?

The answer is yes and you need to be prepared for it. If we read the drug policy of Giant Eagle, we can clearly see that this giant retailer has a clear-cut policy about drug testing.

Giant Eagle, the Pennsylvania-based grocery store chain, does require pre-employment drug screening for all new hires.

Does Giant Eagle Drug Test

The drug test is part of the hiring process at Giant Eagle. Applicants must pass the drug screening before being officially offered a job. Refusing the test or failing it will result in the employment offer being rescinded.

Giant Eagle administers urine drug tests that screen for substances like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and PCP. The tests can detect drug use from the past few days up to a month or more, depending on the substance.

Applicants are instructed where and when to complete the drug test. Results are reviewed by a medical review officer before being reported to Giant Eagle. A positive test automatically disqualifies an applicant from being hired.

Prospective employees should be prepared to pass the drug screening. Those who consume illegal drugs or abuse prescription medications should stop usage well in advance of applying at Giant Eagle. Otherwise, the drug residues can still be detected in their system and lead to a failed test.

What are the Job Positions That Need A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

As you know Giant Eagle has more than 211 supermarkets and 8 pharmacies in the US. So you can apply for any of these markets and pharmacies and you need to pass the drug test.

At Giant Eagle, candidates for both warehouse and pharmacy positions must pass a drug test before being hired. These roles involve the handling of merchandise, medications, and equipment where employee safety and judgment are paramount.

Warehouse workers are responsible for receiving, sorting, picking, packing, and shipping products. Impairment from drugs could lead to workplace accidents and injuries. The fast-paced nature of warehouse operations also demands focus and coordination.

For pharmacy staff filling prescriptions, dispensing medications, and advising patients, attentiveness and precision are a must. Even small errors could endanger health and pharmacy regulations require drug-free employees. Their access to controlled substances is another reason testing is enforced.

While drug screening applies for all Giant Eagle jobs, employees in the warehouse and pharmacy face more stringent testing. These safety-sensitive roles cannot be performed optimally while under the influence. 

By requiring pre-employment drug tests, Giant Eagle ensures it is staffing these positions with sober, dedicated personnel. Candidates should expect and prepare for the mandatory drug screening prior to joining the Giant Eagle team in either capacity.

Does Giant Eagle Do Random Drug Tests?

In addition to pre-employment screening, current employees at Giant Eagle may be subjected to random drug testing. This policy allows the company to regularly check for drug use among staff after hiring.

Employees in safety-sensitive positions like drivers, warehouse workers, and pharmacy staff face a higher chance of being randomly selected for testing. However, all Giant Eagle employees are subject to random drug screening regardless of role.

Testing is unannounced and employees do not know when they will be chosen. Selections are made by computer at random intervals. Those selected are informed and required to report immediately for urine drug testing.

Refusing the random test or failing it can result in disciplinary action including suspension or termination. Multiple failed tests almost always lead to firing.

While random screening can occur at times during employment, higher-risk employees are tested more frequently. By conducting surprise drug checks, Giant Eagle aims to enforce its drug-free workplace policy beyond just pre-employment.

Employees must remain sober on the job to avoid issues with random drug screening. Since timing is unpredictable, the only sure way to pass is to avoid drug use completely while employed at Giant Eagle.


Giant Eagle is vigilant about enforcing drug-free employees through mandatory testing. All prospective hires must pass a pre-employment drug screening before being officially brought on board. Once employed, random drug tests can also occur unannounced to check for substance use.

Positions like warehouse workers and pharmacy staff face more stringent testing due to safety risks. However, employees in any role can be randomly selected for drug screening. Failing a test is grounds for suspension or termination at Giant Eagle.

Applicants and employees should remain substance-free to avoid issues passing the company’s drug tests. With both pre-employment and random ongoing screening, Giant Eagle makes it a priority to maintain drug-free teams for safety and productivity. Being prepared for mandatory drug testing is essential for joining and remaining on staff.

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