Does Goodwill Drug Test?

Goodwill Industries is a well-known nonprofit organization that provides job training and employment opportunities for people facing challenges. But does Goodwill drug test job applicants and employees? 

This is an important question for many seeking work through Goodwill. While Goodwill aims to help individuals overcome barriers to employment, they also have safety and legal obligations as an employer. 

There are nuances to Goodwill’s drug testing policies based on position type and local laws. Read on to learn more about if and when Goodwill administers drug tests during the hiring process and throughout employment. 

This article provides an overview of Goodwill’s general approach to drug testing and highlights some key considerations for job seekers and employees.

Does Goodwill Drug Test Employees?

Does Goodwill Drug Test

Yes, Goodwill Industries does drug test employees in certain circumstances. As a nonprofit organization providing employment services, Goodwill aims to ensure a safe, healthy workplace. 

While policies vary somewhat by location, Goodwill typically requires pre-employment drug tests for new hires in select positions. Jobs involving the operation of machinery, vehicles, or direct patient care are examples where applicants may be asked to complete a drug screening. 

Goodwill also reserves the right to conduct random drug testing of current employees per federal and state laws. Should reasonable suspicion arise, they may test specific employees suspected of being under the influence at work. 

A positive drug test or refusal to test can result in termination of employment. So if you’re seeking work through Goodwill, it’s important to be aware they do administer drug testing in many situations. 

Be prepared to pass a test both when initially hired and potentially throughout your employment. Knowing Goodwill’s drug testing policies can help job applicants make informed decisions.

What is the Process of Goodwill Drug Testing?

Here is a step-by-step overview of the Goodwill drug testing process:

The Drug Test

Goodwill primarily utilizes urine drug screening for both pre-employment and random employee testing. This allows them to check for a range of substances including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.

Before the Test

Once notified of an upcoming drug test, prepare by drinking plenty of water leading up to your appointment. This will ensure you can provide an adequate urine sample when the time comes. Avoid any drug use that may show up on the test.

At the Testing Facility

You will be asked to provide a fresh urine sample at a designated testing facility or lab. This is collected under supervision to prevent tampering. You may need to show identification.

The Sample Analysis

Your urine sample will be sealed and labeled before being sent off to a lab for analysis. It is screened for the presence of any prohibited substances. The lab will review the results and share the outcome with your employer.

Discussing The Results

If you pass the drug screening, you will typically receive no further notification. But if you fail, your employer may contact you to discuss the results. You may have a chance to explain any prescriptions or contest a positive result.


Failing a Goodwill pre-employment drug test can lead to a rescinded job offer. For employees, it may result in disciplinary action up to termination of employment. However, Goodwill does aim to be supportive if further treatment is appropriate.


So it is definite that you need to prepare for a urine drug test if you are currently looking for a job at Goodwill. The test will verify whether you are on drugs or not. If you will be able to pass the test then you are ready to join the team of employees.

Also, if you need assistance with hiring Goodwill, you can contact them or visit the nearest Goodwill store.

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