Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons?

Finding employment after serving time in prison can be an incredibly challenging and discouraging process. Job applicants with a criminal record often face stigma and bias, with many employers hesitant to give them a second chance. However, there are companies out there who believe in the power of rehabilitation and are willing to look past someone’s past mistakes. One such company is Harbor Freight Tools, a popular national retailer of tools and equipment. So if you were thinking “Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons?” then yes they do.

Harbor Freight has developed a reputation for being open to hiring felons under certain circumstances. While they do perform background checks, a prior conviction does not automatically disqualify candidates. 

So for those with a record looking for a fresh start, Harbor Freight may offer a beacon of hope and opportunity. The company seems to recognize that people can and do change, and everyone deserves a fair chance to build a better life. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Harbor Freight’s felon hiring policies and what former convicts need to know about working there.

Takeaway of this article:

  • Harbor Freight’s willingness to hire individuals with felony convictions.
  • The use of background checks in the hiring process.
  • Types of felonies that may disqualify job applicants.
  • Common interview questions for felons.
  • The importance of honesty about one’s criminal record.
  • Qualities that can strengthen a felon’s candidacy.
  • Harbor Freight’s commitment to providing opportunities for those with felony convictions.

Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons in 2024?

Does Harbor Freight Hire Felons

Harbor Freight is known for being a company that gives people second chances, including those with felony convictions on their records. The company performs background checks on all potential employees, so they will be aware of any prior convictions.

The company looks at each applicant’s situation individually and takes into account factors like how long ago the offense occurred and the nature of the crime. Minor felonies committed many years in the past are less likely to be an issue than more recent, serious offenses.

That said, positions involving handling cash and merchandise may be harder for felons to obtain since those roles require stringent background checks. However, Harbor Freight has warehouse, stocking, maintenance, and even some management roles that may still be accessible.

In general, those with non-violent felony convictions, especially those 5 years or older, seem to have a decent chance of getting hired. The company is focused on giving motivated individuals a fresh start. Open communication about one’s background is also important during the hiring process.

Ultimately, Harbor Freight does often give felons a chance at redemption through gainful employment. By having an inclusive hiring policy, they help people get back on their feet after serving their time. For many seeking a second chance, Harbor Freight can provide an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Does Harbor Freight Tool Run Background Checks?

When applying for any position at Harbor Freight Tools, candidates should expect that a background check will be conducted before hiring. The company has a thorough screening process in place to verify the background of all potential new employees.

This checks not only criminal history but also employment and education records. Harbor Freight uses background checks to help ensure a safe workplace and protect the company from liability issues.

While felony convictions don’t necessarily bar candidates from employment, any red flags will be carefully evaluated. Minor offenses in the distant past are less concerning than recent major crimes related to violence or theft.

That said, Harbor Freight does not let background checks alone determine someone’s eligibility. They look at each applicant as an individual, considering the totality of their skills and experience. If the candidate is honest and can convincingly explain past mistakes, they still have a decent chance.

Ultimately, Harbor Freight seeks to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. So a prior record does not lead to automatic disqualification. However, job seekers should be prepared to discuss their background transparently during the hiring process. This comprehensive screening ensures Harbor Freight makes the best choice both for the company and the community.

What Types of Felonies Can Disqualify Me?

When applying for jobs, there are certain types of felonies that are more likely to act as disqualifiers in the hiring process of Harbor Freight. These include:

Violent Crimes

Felonies involving violence, such as murder, assault, robbery, and domestic violence, are often viewed unfavorably by employers. Jobs involving customer service or close interactions with staff are unlikely with violent crime records. The nature of the offense can imply poor anger management or judgment.

Theft Crimes

Convictions for theft, burglary, shoplifting, and larceny may eliminate jobs handling merchandise, cash, valuables, or sensitive customer data. Employers need to protect assets and may view past thieves as risks.

Sex Crimes

Any felony conviction for a sex-related offense, such as rape, sexual assault, molestation, or distribution of child pornography will likely bar applicants. Most companies cannot risk safety issues or liability with such backgrounds.

Recent Convictions

In general, more recent felony convictions, especially in the past 5-7 years, are more concerning to employers than older offenses. Insufficient time to demonstrate rehabilitation may disqualify applicants.

So, while criminal histories are reviewed case-by-case, felonies involving violence, theft, and sex crimes tend to raise the most red flags for employers due to safety and liability risks. Disclosing and explaining past offenses helps, but these charges make getting hired more challenging.

What Will Harbor Freight Ask in Interviews from Felons?

While each interview is unique, there are some common questions felons can expect from Harbor Freight hiring managers:

Background Information

  • Can you tell me about the offense(s) on your record?
  • What were the circumstances that led to the crime?
  • How long ago did the conviction(s) occur?
  • What was the nature of the sentence you served?

These questions allow Harbor Freight to get a full picture of the candidate’s history. Honesty and personal accountability are key when answering.

Personal Growth

  • What have you learned from this experience?
  • How have you turned your life around since then?
  • What steps have you taken to rehabilitate and improve yourself?

Here, the focus is on demonstrating personal growth and maturity since the offense. Highlighting positive changes can assure Harbor Freight the past won’t define the future.

Job Performance

  • Why should we feel comfortable hiring you for this role?
  • How can we trust you not to re-offend?
  • What assurances can you provide if we take a chance on you?

Felons need to convince Harbor Freight they are responsible employees who will protect company assets and values. Convincing answers reflect sincerity, work ethic, and commitment to lawful behavior.

By being open about their past while emphasizing rehabilitation, felons can overcome doubt and stand out in Harbor Freight interviews. The key is showing the mistakes of yesterday can lead to a better tomorrow.


Does Harbor Freight run background checks on applicants?

Yes, Harbor Freight does conduct criminal background checks during the hiring process to verify a candidate’s history. This allows them to make informed hiring decisions.

How far back do Harbor Freight’s background checks go?

Background checks at Harbor Freight typically go back 7-10 years. Older offenses, especially if minor and non-violent, are less concerning to them than recent crimes.

What felonies would likely disqualify me from working at Harbor Freight?

Felonies involving theft, fraud, violence, or recent major drug offenses within the past 5 years are the most likely to disqualify applicants. However, Harbor Freight evaluates individuals case-by-case.

If I’m honest about my criminal record, do I have a chance at getting hired?

Yes, being upfront and transparent about your background is key. It shows accountability and that you have nothing to hide. Convincingly explaining your circumstances helps Harbor Freight assess you fairly.

What qualities do felons need to be strong candidates at Harbor Freight?

Maturity, work ethic, motivation, reliability, and a commitment to lawful behavior are essential. Showing rehabilitation and personal growth since your offense also eases doubts and strengthens your candidacy.


Working with Harbor Freight will be a great experience along with good amenities. But if you have felonies on your record then there are still very high chances that you will get a job there. So be honest and try your luck now.

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