Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test?

When applying for a job, one question that may cross a prospective employee’s mind is “Does this company drug test?” Drug screening has become a common practice among many employers today. Companies want to ensure their workers are reliable, productive, and safe. This is especially true for jobs involving heavy machinery or driving. As a large retail chain, Hobby Lobby has to consider these factors when hiring staff. Applicants often wonder – does Hobby Lobby drug test? What about random drug testing for current employees? Here is an overview of Hobby Lobby’s drug testing policies based on insights from workers and online sources.

About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a privately held American art and craft store chain. It was founded by David Green in 1972 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Today, Hobby Lobby operates 1001 retail stores across 48 U.S. states. The company sells a variety of arts, crafts, home decor, floral, custom framing, and seasonal products. 

Some of Hobby Lobby’s categories include fabrics, needle arts, general crafts, framing, jewelry making, cards and parties, baskets, wearable art, home accents, and more. Hobby Lobby also carries many Christian-themed items like Bibles, Christian books/movies, and holiday decor. 

The company employs over 43,000 people. Hobby Lobby stands out with its religious roots and commitment to giving back. Its stated purpose is to “honor the Lord” and give generously to ministries and charitable causes.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test?

Unlike some other major retailers, Hobby Lobby does not require pre-employment drug tests for regular store employees. The craft chain does not routinely screen candidates or conduct random drug testing on existing staff. 

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test

This policy likely helps Hobby Lobby attract a wider talent pool and reduces costs associated with blanket testing programs. However, there are exceptions. 

However, employees in management roles, loss prevention, warehouse operations, and corporate positions may need to take a drug test. Safety-sensitive jobs involving heavy equipment operation also commonly involve screening. 

Overall, regular in-store employees can apply and work for Hobby Lobby without worrying about mandatory drug testing. The company reserves the right to test any employee when reasonable suspicion exists, but wide-scale testing is not the norm. This sets Hobby Lobby apart from chains like Walmart that implement stringent testing.

Does Hobby Lobby Do Random Drug Tests?

Hobby Lobby does not perform random drug tests on employees after they are hired. The arts and crafts retailer does not have a policy of randomly selecting workers to undergo screening once they join the company. 

This approach differs from some major chains like Home Depot and Lowes that carry out periodic, unannounced drug testing on current staff. While random testing can act as a deterrent, Hobby Lobby seems to value employee privacy and does not use these measures. 

The exception could be if an employee shows signs of impairment on the job or is involved in a workplace accident. 

However, regular team members do not face random drug tests. Hobby Lobby focuses more on observing employee performance and behavior versus intrusive screening. Unless given reasons to be concerned, existing employees can feel confident they will not deal with random tests. This policy provides workers with greater peace of mind.

What About Prescribed Medication?

Taking prescribed medication should not lead to failed drug test results at Hobby Lobby. Employees using doctor-approved prescription drugs need not be concerned about screening. 

However, it is wise to inform Hobby Lobby if you are on medications that could potentially cause a positive test. Being upfront allows the company to take this into account. You can provide proof of your prescription to avoid any false assumptions. 

As long as you disclose your lawful use of prescribed substances, you can avoid hassles or confusion. Hobby Lobby aims to accommodate employees’ needs, not penalize them for medical treatment. 

Like most employers, they just want to avoid workplace safety issues that could result from unrevealed drug use. As always, follow your doctor’s orders and be transparent with Hobby Lobby for a smooth hiring process.

What Type of Drug Test Does Hobby Lobby Use and How to Pass It?

For the limited drug screening done, Hobby Lobby primarily uses urine tests to check for recent drug use. Urine tests, also known as urinalysis, look for traces of drugs and their metabolites. Hobby Lobby may also utilize oral fluid testing. This involves collecting a saliva sample to detect impaired levels of substances. 

Here are the explanations of these two drug tests:

Saliva Test:

For drug screening, Hobby Lobby may use oral fluid testing, also known as a saliva test. This involves collecting a saliva sample and testing it for impaired levels of substances. 

To pass a saliva drug test, it’s best to avoid any drug use for 24-48 hours prior to the test. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and using mouthwash can also help remove any traces of drugs from your saliva.

Urine Test:

The main type of drug screening done by Hobby Lobby is a urine test, also known as a urinalysis. Urine tests check for traces of drugs and their metabolites that exist in urine. 

To pass a urine drug test, abstaining from drug use for a few days before the test is ideal. Drinking extra fluids can also help flush out your system faster. The best preparation is to avoid any drug use so you can confidently pass the urine screening.


You need to be relaxed about the drug testing issues if you are going to apply for a job at the Hobby Lobby store. They do not conduct drug tests on new employees and neither do they do random drug tests.

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