Does Instacart Hire Felons?

Felons always get in trouble when they have to work for a living. Even when they have changed their life, the impression of a felony stays till the grave. If you are a felon and want to know does Instacart hire felons then you are at the right website.

Instacart, the popular grocery delivery service, has become an invaluable resource for many people looking to shop for groceries without leaving their homes.

With access to over 80,000 stores across North America, Instacart offers a unique employment opportunity for felons seeking to get back on their feet. While background checks are conducted, Instacart evaluates applicants on a case-by-case basis rather than implementing a blanket ban.

So for felons who are ready to work hard and move forward, Instacart may just be the fresh start they need. With flexible work schedules and income potential, Instacart provides a supportive environment for success after incarceration.

Does Instacart Hire Felons

Let’s find out how a felon can apply and work at Instacart to get money for their living.

Does Instacart Hire Felons?

The short answer is yes, Instacart does hire felons. However, there are some conditions felons must meet to be eligible for employment with Instacart.

First, Instacart conducts background checks on all potential employees. So felons must be upfront about their criminal history from the start. Lying or omitting information will disqualify applicants immediately.

Additionally, Instacart evaluates felons on the nature of their cases. Factors like the nature of the crime, how long ago it occurred, and evidence of rehabilitation are all taken into account. Non-violent felonies from over 7 years ago have a better chance of approval than recent or violent crimes.

Furthermore, felons must pass the background check to ensure there are no active warrants, pending charges, or parole/probation violations. Felons on parole or probation may be prohibited from working with Instacart.

Instacart extends opportunities to individuals with felony records who are transparent about their backgrounds, exhibit personal development, and meet the company’s criteria. While approval is not guaranteed, Instacart provides a pathway to a new beginning with flexible and fulfilling employment for eligible candidates.

Can You Do Instacart With a DUI?

Yes, you can work for Instacart with a DUI on your record. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For one, Instacart will run a background check when you apply to be a shopper. This means your DUI will show up if it’s on your driving record. That said, a single DUI does not necessarily disqualify you from working for Instacart.

The company evaluates applicants on different factors. For example, how long ago you got the DUI, whether you’ve had additional offenses, and your overall driving record are all taken into consideration. If it was a single, non-recent DUI, you still have a good chance of being approved.

Additionally, your driver’s license cannot currently be suspended. You must have a valid license in good standing to shop and deliver for Instacart. So as long as your license wasn’t revoked and you have no pending charges related to the DUI, you should meet the requirements.

In a nutshell, a DUI doesn’t outright prohibit you from becoming an Instacart shopper. However, you may need to provide more background context during the application process. As long as you’re upfront and meet the license requirements, a single past DUI is usually not a dealbreaker.

What Does Instacart Look For in the Background?

As I have previously mentioned when applying to work for Instacart as a shopper or driver, you can expect a comprehensive background check. This allows Instacart to evaluate candidates and prevent potential issues down the line. Here are some key things Instacart screens for:

  • Criminal History: Instacart checks for any past criminal convictions. Minor offenses like traffic violations may not be disqualifying, but major felonies and crimes involving theft, violence, or driving offenses often are.
  • Motor Vehicle Records: Instacart confirms you have a valid driver’s license and reviews your DMV history for accidents, license suspensions, DUIs, and other driving-related incidents. A clean recent record is preferred.
  • Employment History: Your work history, including any terminations, gaps, or short tenures may be verified. Steady, reliable employment is viewed favorably.
  • Social Security Number Trace: This helps verify your identity and check for any aliases or other names associated with your SSN.
  • Global Watchlist Search: Instacart screens for inclusion on any prohibited lists per OFAC and other agencies.
  • Sex Offender Registry Check: Instacart prohibits hiring registered sex offenders as shoppers.

Meeting Instacart’s background standards provides reassurance that you are a dependable candidate. Being transparent about past issues gives you the best chance to explain your circumstances.

What Disqualifies You from Working for Instacart?

There are certain factors that can disqualify you from working as a shopper or driver for Instacart. Some key things that may lead to disqualification include:

  • Felony convictions: Felonies such as fraud, theft, violence, drug-related offenses, or sexual crimes within the past 7 years will often result in disqualification. Instacart evaluates cases individually.
  • Suspended or revoked driver’s license: You must have a valid driver’s license in good standing to work for Instacart. License suspensions, DUI-related revocations, and serious traffic citations like reckless driving may disqualify you.
  • Serious driving violations: Major incidents like DUI, hit-and-run, excessive speeding, or at-fault accidents may make you ineligible, especially if recent or repeated.
  • Probation or parole restrictions: If you are prohibited from working by court order due to probation or parole stipulations, Instacart cannot hire you.
  • Dishonesty on application: Lying, omitting information, or providing false identity documents will result in immediate disqualification and termination if hired.
  • Poor work history: Termination from past jobs for cause, frequent job-hopping, and significant gaps in employment tend to be red flags.
  • Issues passing the background check: Candidates with disqualifying records will not move forward.


Does Instacart accept applicants who were recently released from prison?

Instacart may accept applicants who were recently released from prison, however, it depends on factors like how much time has passed, the nature of the conviction, and evidence of rehabilitation. Those released in the past 5 years have lower chances of approval.

Can I work for Instacart if I’m currently on parole or probation?

In most cases, being on parole or probation prohibits working for Instacart, as court orders may restrict employment. You must be fully released from parole/probation to qualify.

What minor crimes might not disqualify me from Instacart?

Non-driving misdemeanors like minor drug possession, disorderly conduct, or public intoxication from over 5 years ago have less impact. Instacart mainly considers felonies and driving-related crimes.

How long do I have to wait after a DUI before working for Instacart?

After a single DUI, a minimum 5-year waiting period is recommended before applying. Multiple DUIs require 7-10 years before having a chance of approval.

Should I disclose sealed or expunged criminal records to Instacart?

Yes, be fully transparent about your history even if sealed/expunged. Instacart’s background check can uncover past charges, so honesty is essential.

Can independent contractors with past records work for Instacart?

Yes, independent contractors undergo the same background checks. The same eligibility standards and case-by-case considerations apply.

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