Does Kohl’s Drug Test?

Landing a job is exciting, but the hiring process can also be nerve-wracking. You’ve aced the interview and wowed the hiring manager with your experience and personality. There’s just one final step – passing the drug test. For many job seekers, especially those who enjoy an occasional joint, this may raise some concerns. What’s the deal with drug testing at Kohl’s? Does Kohl’s drug test? And if so, are there ways to pass without sweating it out for weeks?

In this article, we’ll take a close look at Kohl’s drug testing procedures. You’ll get the inside scoop on when they test, what they test for, and how long drugs actually stay in your system. 

We’ll also provide some helpful tips for passing a drug test with flying colors. Whether you occasionally partake or abstain completely, you’ll learn everything you need to breeze through the hiring process confidently. 

So take a deep breath and keep reading to get the full low-down on drug testing at America’s largest department store chain.

Does Kohl’s Drug Test at Pre-Employment?

As a job seeker, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely – will I have to take a drug test? For Kohl’s, the answer is yes. The popular department store chain does conduct pre-employment drug screening when they hire new employees.

Does Kohl’s Drug Test

This was confirmed in 2023 when multiple Kohl’s employees reported being required to take a drug test before being officially brought on board. So if you’ve got an interview with Kohl’s coming up, expect to provide a urine sample to test for substances like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

The reasoning behind Kohl’s drug testing makes sense. Operating heavy machinery like forklifts or working with money handling as a cashier requires clear-headed employees. While an occasional joint on your own time is generally harmless, showing up impaired on the job could jeopardize safety.

Now for current employees, random drug testing is less common at Kohl’s locations. However, if a supervisor has reason to believe an employee is abusing drugs, they may require a drug screening. So while pre-employment tests are standard, failing to pass could also cost you your new job.

What Type of Drug Test Does Kohl’s Use?

When it comes to pre-employment drug screening, Kohl’s keeps it quick and simple. The two main methods used are mouth swab tests and urine sample tests.

Mouth Swab Test

One of the more common drug tests used by Kohl’s is the mouth swab test. This type of test is convenient and fast, which makes it a good fit for the hiring process. To complete the test, an employee or job applicant simply takes a test strip and swabs it around the inside of their mouth. 

The strip then detects any drug residue present in the saliva. In just minutes, the test yields results, so Kohl’s can quickly determine if the candidate passes or fails. The speed of mouth swab testing allows the hiring workflow to continue moving efficiently.

Urine Test

Urine sample drug tests are also commonly used by Kohl’s. They require more time as the candidate has to provide a urine sample which is then sent off to a lab for analysis. But the accuracy is high and results are usually available within 24 hours.

While mouth swab tests can only detect drugs used within the past few days, urine tests catch long-term usage for up to a month or more. Kohl’s seems to prefer mouth swab tests for efficiency but will use urine testing when necessary.

Hair and blood testing are rare for retail chains like Kohl’s unless mandated by specific state laws. So chances are it will be a quick mouth swab or pee in the cup for your pre-employment screening. Just know your options and substances that could be detected ahead of time.

What Are the Drugs That Kohl’s Will Look For?

Here is the complete list of all the illegal drugs that Kohl’s checks for when they conduct a drug test. If you test positive for any of the below-listed drugs, you are likely to fail the test.

  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Amphetamines
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamines

Kohl’s tests are designed to detect both illegal drugs and prescription medications that can cause impairment. Always disclose valid prescriptions during pre-employment screening.

Will Kohl’s Drug Test for Marijuana?

Yes, Kohl’s does test for marijuana during pre-employment drug screening. As marijuana is the most commonly detected drug in workplace tests, it is included in Kohl’s standard 5-panel urine drug test.

The active compounds in marijuana, like THC and its metabolites, can be traced in urine for up to 30 days after the last use. So even occasional or one-time marijuana use could lead to a positive test result at Kohl’s.

For states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal, Kohl’s policy remains the same. They still prohibit marijuana use before or during work hours, regardless of its legal status. A positive marijuana test would likely result in a rescinded job offer.

Marijuana is part of the pre-employment panel as it can cause impairment to motor skills, reaction time, and judgment. Safety-sensitive positions like working machinery require employees to be clear-headed and unimpaired.

So it is important to be aware – marijuana use within the past month will likely show up on a Kohl’s pre-employment screening. Discontinuing use well ahead of time is wise to pass a drug test and secure a position with Kohl’s.

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