Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

Are you looking to work at QuikTrip but unsure about their drug testing policy? You’ve come to the right place! This article will give you all the details on does QuikTrip drug test potential and current employees. 

QuikTrip is a popular gas station and convenience store chain known for its friendly service and wide selection. As a growing company, they are frequently hiring new employees. If you’re considering applying for a job, you probably want to know what to expect during the hiring process.

One common question is: does QuikTrip require pre-employment drug tests? The quick answer is yes, they do drug test new hires. However, they do not conduct random or promotional drug screening once you’ve been employed.

Keep reading to learn more about QuikTrip’s specific drug testing procedures and policies. This way you can be fully prepared before applying for an exciting new opportunity with this well-known company.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test Their Pre-Employment Employees?

Yes, QuikTrip does require a drug test before new hires can begin working. Part of the standard hiring process includes submitting to and passing a pre-employment drug screening.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

This drug test is required for all positions from part-time clerks to corporate office roles. QuikTrip has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use and wants to ensure a safe working environment.

The pre-employment drug test screens for common illegal substances and prescription medications. Testing positive or refusing the drug test would result in a rescinded job offer. 

QuikTrip contracts with nearby medical clinics or labs to conduct professional standard 5-panel or 10-panel drug tests. Results are usually available within a few business days.

What are the Occasions When QuikTrip Conducts a Drug Test?

As mentioned, QuikTrip requires all applicants to take and pass a drug test before officially being hired. The only other occasion when they conduct drug testing is when there is reasonable suspicion of an employee being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during work hours.

Importantly, QuikTrip does not perform random, surprise, or promotional drug testing once you are an employee. The pre-employment drug screening is typically the only mandatory test.

Of course, employees must continue to comply with the company’s strict substance abuse policies. However, they do not have to worry about random drug testing after being hired.

Does QuikTrip Drug Test Their Part-Time Employees?

Yes, part-time employees must complete the same pre-employment drug screening as full-time staff. QuikTrip’s drug testing policy applies to all new hires working in any position or schedule.

There are no exceptions made for part-time clerks who only work a few shifts per week. The pre-employment drug test is a blanket requirement.

This helps QuikTrip maintain a consistent and fair drug policy across all employees. It also reinforces their commitment to a drug-free workplace.

What is the Average Weekly Pay at QuikTrip? 

QuikTrip offers competitive pay rates and benefits, especially for retail jobs. Here are examples of average weekly earnings:

  • Relief/Night Assistants usually make around $687.96 per week. This works out to $15-$20 per hour.
  • Part-time Clerks can expect to earn up to $20 per hour based on experience and shift differentials. For a 25-hour workweek, pay would be around $500.

QuikTrip also provides performance-based bonuses, 401k matching, paid vacation time, and opportunities for advancement. Compensation increases with higher job titles and expanded responsibilities.


QuikTrip does conduct pre-employment drug testing to ensure a safe and productive work environment. However, they do not perform further random or surprise drug screening once you are hired. This comprehensive guide covers QuikTrip’s drug testing policies, so you’ll know what to expect during the application and onboarding process. Thanks for reading and good luck with your job search!

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