Does Stevens Transport Drug Test?

Looking to get behind the wheel at Stevens Transport? Before applying, it’s crucial to understand their drug testing policy. You must get an accurate answer to your question “Does Stevens Transport Drug Test?” so you can carry on successfully.

Stevens Transport implements stringent screening to uphold safety and meet DOT regulations. Prospective and current drivers face drug tests, so awareness of procedures and consequences is key.

In this article, we will learn about whether Stevens Transport uses a drug screening procedure for new and current employees. Also, what is the type of drug test they use, and what if you fail to pass the test? So be with me and get accurate answers to all these questions.

Does Stevens Transport Drug Test?

Does Stevens Transport Drug Test

Stevens Transport takes drug testing very seriously in order to comply with Department of Transportation regulations and maintain the highest safety standards. Both new driver applicants and current employees face mandatory drug screening. Failing a drug test can prevent you from being hired or lead to immediate termination. 

If you want to drive for Stevens Transport, you need to be prepared to pass periodic drug tests and adhere to their zero-tolerance drug use policy. 

Whether you are a prospective or current driver, it’s crucial to be aware of these stringent drug testing measures that are implemented to protect Stevens Transport’s drivers, vehicles, and reputation.

Does Stevens Transport Conduct a CDL School Drug Test?

Yes, Stevens Transport’s CDL training program does require students to pass a drug test. Like all prospective drivers, CDL students must take and pass a urine drug screening before being fully admitted to the training program.

Also, the urine drug test checks for common illegal substances including marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and PCP. This is the same standard 5-panel DOT drug test given to driver applicants.

Passing the drug test is mandatory in order to start CDL training at Stevens Transport. If a student fails the initial screening, they will not be able to enroll in the school or train to get their commercial driver’s license through Stevens Transport.

The company has a zero-tolerance drug policy for all drivers and students. Drug testing is required to comply with Department of Transportation regulations. Also, it helps maintain safety by ensuring a drug-free driver workforce.

Stevens Transport’s CDL training program does administer a standard DOT urine drug test. Students must pass it to begin truck driving school and work towards their CDL with Stevens Transport.

What is The Hiring Process of Stevens Transport?

Let’s have a look at the complete hiring process of Stevens Transportation.

Step 1 – Application & Interview

Fill out an online application and complete a phone interview. This pre-screens candidates.

Step 2 – Orientation & Drug Test

Attend an orientation and pass a DOT urine drug test. This further evaluates applicants.

Step 3 – Training

Complete 3-4 weeks of paid CDL training. New drivers then take a road test to get licensed.

To be hired at Stevens Transport, candidates must successfully complete the application, interview, orientation, drug testing, and training process. 

Each step evaluates applicants’ qualifications and commitment to being a Stevens Transport driver. The multi-step hiring process ensures the company selects safe, responsible drivers.

What Is the Type of Drug Screening that Stevens Transportation Uses?

Stevens Transport uses a urine drug test for screening both new driver applicants and current employees. Specifically, they administer a 5-panel DOT urine drug test that checks for:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, and heroin
  • Amphetamines/methamphetamines
  • PCP

This urine test can detect recent drug use as well as prior usage. The DOT 5-panel urine test is the federally mandated screening method for transportation industry workers like truck drivers.

Stevens Transport collects urine samples at orientation for new driver applicants. They test the samples at certified labs. For existing drivers, random urine tests are done periodically.

In addition to the urine drug test, Stevens Transport also utilizes breathalyzer testing to screen for alcohol use.

The urine drug screens and breathalyzers support Stevens Transport’s zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for drivers. The testing methods help maintain safety and meet federal DOT regulations.


Stevens Transport implements stringent drug and alcohol screening as part of its recruitment process and ongoing driver monitoring. Both urine drug tests and breathalyzers are utilized to detect prohibited substances. Passing these tests is mandatory for new driver applicants and current employees alike. 

Stevens Transport’s drug testing upholds federal DOT regulations and more importantly, keeps the roads safe. Drivers who cannot adhere to the zero-tolerance policy will not be able to work for the company. Being aware of the testing protocols and committed to safety is key to becoming a Stevens Transport driver.

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