Does Subway Do Background Checks?

Working with any fast food restaurant franchise like Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s is a great experience. With a safe and clean environment, you will feel good to serve the customers. Similarly, Subway which is a giant name in the food restaurant franchises, working for them is a cool experience. You will get many benefits as well. However, does Subway do background checks on new employees?

The answer to this question might surprise you. In the competitive world of fast-food industry employment, a background check can be a crucial step in the hiring process. 

However, Subway, like many other employers, has its own policies and practices when it comes to background checks. This article will delve into the details of Subway’s approach to background checks.

Also, I will explain when and why they conduct them, what they look for, and what impact it can have on your employment prospects. So, if you’re keen to understand Subway’s stance on this matter, keep reading this article.

Takeaway of this article:

  • This article provides vital insights into Subway’s hiring process.
  • Subway offers a mixed work experience with flexibility but low pay.
  • Subway conducts comprehensive background checks on all new hires.
  • Felon hiring is case-specific, considering the conviction, position, and rehabilitation.
  • Local franchise decisions may influence felon hiring.

Is It Worth a Job at Subway?

Before we dive into the answer to the question of whether Subway does background checks or not, let’s find out about the company first. Is it really worth applying for a job at Subway? Or you can go with other options like Walmart or UPS. So let’s find out.

Founded on August 28, 1965, Subway has grown to become a global giant in the fast-food industry. As of June 2021, it boasted a staggering 37,540 locations in over 100 countries and territories. 

On the plus side, Subway offers flexible scheduling. This appeals to students or those wanting part-time work. Moreover, no prior experience is required to get hired. The work itself is relatively simple – making sandwiches, prepping ingredients, and serving customers. So it’s accessible for most.

However, the pay is low, usually minimum wage. Furthermore, hours can fluctuate weekly. You may get 15-20 hours on certain weeks but only 5-10 hours on other weeks. This unpredictability makes budgeting hard.

Also, the work can be demanding. Subway locations are often busy. You have to work fast and multitask. Dealing with rude customers happens too. So the job requires patience and composure.

Moreover, advancement prospects are limited. Many employees stay in entry-level roles. Management positions don’t open up often. So it’s not ideal if you want career growth.

Overall, working at Subway can be decent for short-term or supplemental income. It’s fast-paced but straightforward work. However, the low pay and minimal advancement keep it a job, not a career. Weigh the pros and cons against your needs to decide if Subway fits your goals.

Does Subway Do Background Checks?

Yes, Subway does conduct background checks on all new employees. This is mandatory for all new hiring positions.

Does Subway Do Background Checks

As an attorney, I can provide some key details on their background check policy:

  • Scope – Subway’s background check is quite extensive, covering criminal history, education/employment verification, and driving records. This allows them to thoroughly vet applicants.
  • Consent – Applicants must provide written consent on a disclosure form before the background check can proceed. This is a standard legal procedure.
  • Compliance – Subway complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in obtaining and using background checks. This includes providing notices to applicants and getting their authorization.
  • Service provider – Subway contracts with a professional background screening company to conduct the checks. This is more comprehensive than just running a basic internet search.
  • Adverse action – If Subway denies employment based on the background check, they must follow FCRA procedures around adverse action. This includes providing applicants with a copy of the check and notification of denial.
  • State laws – In addition to federal regulations, some states have laws governing background checks that Subway must adhere to. For example, certain criminal records may be off-limits.

So, Subway’s background checks are quite thorough and align with legal regulations. While this provides them with great applicant insight, it also eliminates many candidates from consideration.

Does Subway Hire Felons?

Yes, Subway does hire felons in some circumstances. Here are a few key points on Subway’s hiring policies regarding felonies:

  • Case-by-case basis – Subway does not have a blanket ban on hiring felons. They evaluate each applicant with a criminal record individually based on the specifics of the conviction. Minor offenses are often not disqualifying.
  • Nature of conviction – Violent felonies or those involving theft are more likely to lead to a rejection. Non-violent felonies like drug possession stand a better chance of being hired. The recency of the conviction also matters.
  • Position applied for – Felons face better odds applying for back-of-house roles like food prep versus customer-facing positions. Subway is more reluctant to hire felons interacting directly with guests.
  • Franchise discretion – Hiring decisions are ultimately made at the franchise level. So some franchise owners may be more open to hiring felons than others. Checking with your local Subway is advised.
  • Rehabilitation – Applicants who can demonstrate they have turned their lives around through education, training, or community service may appeal to recruiters. Remorse and personal growth matter.

While it’s not guaranteed, Subway’s case-by-case approach does offer opportunities for felons seeking a second chance. Being honest about one’s record while emphasizing rehabilitative efforts is key. With realistic expectations, felons may find an ally in Subway.


Working at Subway can be a mixed bag of experiences, offering both advantages and disadvantages. Also, it provides flexible scheduling and accessibility for those without prior experience. 

However, when it comes to low pay, fluctuating hours, and limited career growth it may be not a permanent option for you. It’s a short-term or supplementary income option for those who can adapt to the fast-paced, demanding work environment.

Regarding background checks, Subway indeed conducts thorough screenings for new employees. As I have explained everything in detail now you will have a good idea of how the pre-employment procedure works.

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