Does Target Drug Test?

When job seekers apply for positions, one concern often arises: Does Target drug test? At Target, the employment process can include drug testing, which can be a source of anxiety for prospective employees. 

However, it’s crucial to note that not all positions require a drug test. Entry-level roles, such as cashiers or sales associates, may not involve drug testing, but positions in security, pharmacy, or management roles may have drug screening as part of their hiring process. 

Therefore, job applicants should review the requirements and policies of the specific position they want carefully to better understand whether drug testing concerns them.

In this article, we will see all the drug testing policies and other concerns of Target when it comes to applying for a new job.

Does Target Do Drug Tests in All States of the US?

Yes, Target does conduct drug tests in all states of the US for certain types of job positions. Target maintains a Drug-Free Workplace (DFW) Policy, and as part of this policy, they require drug testing for specific job roles.

Does Target Drug Test

Some of the positions that typically involve drug testing at Target include overnight stockers and management positions. This policy is consistent across all Target locations in the United States, ensuring a standardized approach to drug testing for these particular job roles.

Therefore, it’s important for applicants seeking employment in such positions to be aware that drug testing is a standard requirement as part of Target’s hiring process.

Does Target Drug Test at Orientation?

Yes, Target conducts pre-employment drug tests, but this practice is not applicable to all types of job positions. The decision to conduct drug testing at orientation or before employment varies depending on the specific role an individual is hired for. 

Certain positions, such as those involving safety-sensitive tasks or management responsibilities, typically require pre-employment drug testing. However, for other roles within the company, such as entry-level positions, drug testing during orientation may not be a standard practice. 

What are the Positions that Need a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Positions that typically require a pre-employment drug test at Target include:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Protection (Security) Positions
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Distribution Center Roles (e.g., Forklift Operator)
  • Driving Positions (e.g., Delivery Driver)

These roles often involve managerial responsibilities, safety-sensitive tasks, or the operation of heavy machinery, which is why Target implements pre-employment drug testing as part of its hiring process for these positions. 

It’s essential for job applicants to review the specific job requirements and policies associated with the role they are interested in to understand whether drug testing will be a requirement.


Target does have a drug testing policy in place as part of its hiring process. However, this drug testing is not uniform across all job positions. While some roles, such as managerial positions and those involving safety-sensitive tasks, usually require pre-employment drug tests, entry-level positions like cashiers and sales associates may not involve drug testing.

Prospective employees should carefully review the job requirements and policies associated with the specific position they are interested in to determine whether drug testing will be a part of their onboarding process.

So this is all the important information about Target’s pre-employment drug testing policies. If you need to know something more than you can write an email to us.

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