Does Target Hire Felons?

Target is one of the largest and most popular retailers in the United States, with 1948 stores across the country. The company is well-known for its focus on diversity and inclusion. However, many people wonder – does Target hire felons? It’s an important question for job seekers with a criminal record who are looking to get back on their feet.

The answer is not straightforward, as Target evaluates candidates on a case-by-case basis. There are some key factors that improve a felon’s chances of getting hired by Target. First, the company places significant emphasis on personal rehabilitation and readiness to work. Felons who can demonstrate they have turned their lives around are more likely to be considered.

Additionally, Target often partners with community organizations that help former inmates gain job skills and transition back into society. So felons who participate in these programs may have better luck getting hired.

While Target does do criminal background checks, they realize past mistakes do not have to define someone’s future. With the right qualifications and evidence of personal reform, felons absolutely have a chance at getting a job offer from Target. Keep reading to know if Target hires felons in 2023.

Does Target Hire Felons?

Does Target Hire Felons

The question of whether Target hires felons is an important one for many job seekers with criminal records. It’s true that Target has signed the Ban the Box pledge, indicating a willingness to consider qualified applicants regardless of criminal history. However, the reality is a bit more nuanced.

While Target does not have an outright ban on hiring felons, they do conduct background checks and consider criminal records on a case-by-case basis. Felons are not automatically disqualified from employment. That said, the type of conviction, length of time since the offense, and evidence of rehabilitation are all factors Target will weigh carefully.

Positions involving handling cash and merchandise are likely to be more challenging for felons to obtain. However, Target has made some concerted efforts to work with community organizations that help rehabilitate and prepare felons for re-entry into the workforce. So felons who have truly turned their lives around and gained relevant job skills have a reasonable chance of getting hired, especially for non-customer-facing roles.

Ultimately, Target seems willing to give felons a fair chance at employment, but an applicant’s specific circumstances will determine their likelihood of getting that coveted job offer. Persistence, transparency, and proof of personal reform are keys to success. So in short – yes, Target does hire some felons, but it is no guarantee.

How Far Back Does the Target Background Check Go?

Target typically conducts fairly thorough background checks on all job candidates. However, there is no definitive answer on exactly how far back their background checks reach.

From most accounts, it seems Target will check criminal records for at least the last seven years. They have access to national criminal record databases that provide felony and misdemeanor convictions, along with pending cases. However, the background check time frame may extend further for certain positions or locations.

For instance, jobs that involve handling money, valuables, pharmaceuticals, or controlled substances will likely warrant a deeper check. Some state laws also require more extensive background checks for particular occupations. So for management, security, pharmacy, and asset protection roles, Target may review criminal histories up to 10 years back or more.

It’s also worth noting that Target background checks include prior employment verification. So any lies or omissions about work history could also disqualify applicants. Overall, past convictions will not necessarily prohibit employment, but dishonesty would be seen as a red flag.

The best approach for applicants with a criminal record is to be upfront about it. Target seems to recognize the value of second chances for qualified candidates who have paid their debts to society. But failure to fully disclose one’s background will almost certainly eliminate any chance of being hired.

What Disqualifies You from Working at Target?

There are several factors that could potentially disqualify an applicant from employment at Target. Some key reasons a candidate may not be hired include:

  • Certain criminal convictions: Target assesses applicants’ backgrounds on an individual basis, but candidates with recent felonies related to theft, fraud, violence, or controlled substances are likely to be disqualified.
  • Dishonesty on the application or in interviews: Any falsifications or omissions about work history, skills, education, etc. could result in disqualification if uncovered in background checks.
  • Poor past job performance: Negative employment verifications related to tardiness, absence, insubordination, or misconduct could make applicants unfavorable.
  • Failure to pass drug/alcohol screening: Candidates must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test per company policy.
  • Inability to provide proper identification: All new hires must complete an I-9 form and provide valid ID documents for eligibility to work.
  • Poor interpersonal skills: Target values strong customer service orientation and communication abilities based on interviews.
  • Lack of availability:  Inability to work required shifts or weekly hours based on store needs.

While Target does not have an official policy of automatically disqualifying any group, they aim to hire qualified, dependable candidates able to provide excellent guest experiences. Applicants who demonstrate integrity and abilities that align with Target’s brand and values have the best chance of being hired.


Does Target run background checks on all job applicants?

Yes, Target conducts background checks and drug tests on all individuals applying for jobs, including checking criminal history. This is to help ensure a safe work environment.

How can a felon improve their chances of getting hired at Target?

Having an updated resume, relevant work experience, positive references, and evidence of rehabilitation through training programs or volunteer work can help a felon candidate. Honesty about their background is also critical.

What positions at Target are most likely to hire felons?

Roles in warehouses, distribution centers, and the back of the store like stocking are more likely options for felons versus customer-facing jobs. Positions involving cash handling or pharmaceuticals are tougher.

Does Target hire felons on probation or parole?

It is possible, but less common. Active parolees must obtain permission from their parole officer to work at Target. Fulfilling probation requirements improves chances.

How long after a felony conviction can someone apply at Target?

Target evaluates background checks case-by-case, but waiting at least 5 years after conviction or release from incarceration is recommended before applying.

Can a felony conviction be expunged to improve chances at Target?

Yes, getting a felony expunged from your record can open up more job opportunities at Target and elsewhere. Consulting an attorney on expungement is recommended.

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