Does Tesla Drug Test?

As Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla continues its rapid growth, some job seekers may be wondering – Does Tesla drug test employees? Tesla, like many companies, has policies in place to promote a safe and productive work environment.

While pre-employment screening is likely, there are open questions about whether Tesla conducts random or periodic drug testing for current employees. Tesla does state that it reserves the right to test employees when deemed necessary. Understanding a potential employer’s policies around drug testing can help job applicants make informed decisions. 

Let’s dive deeper and see what drug testing policies Tesla uses and if there is anything special you should know if you are going to apply for a job at Tesla.

Does Tesla Drug Test For New Employee Hiring in 2023?

So does Tesla drug test their pre-employment employees? To cut it short, the answer is yes. According to our research and physical interviews with Tesla employees, we have found that Tesla has a drug testing policy for new and old employees.

Does Tesla Drug Test

Tesla will drug test new employees as part of the hiring process in 2023. However, this testing is not for all types of jobholders.

It is common practice for companies to require pre-employment drug screening for liability and safety reasons. Given Tesla’s focus on innovation, they want to ensure employees can perform duties safely and efficiently.

Also, drug testing is likely required for new factory employees in Fremont, Reno, Buffalo, and Austin.

In addition, Tesla’s contractual staffing agencies mandate drug tests. So even contract workers seem to face screening.

Though Tesla is led by Elon Musk, recreational drug use is not condoned within the company. Federal and state laws also require drug-free workplaces for companies receiving government contracts.

Can I Reject Due to Prescription Drug Medications?

Anything that comes as a banned or illegal drug in your report will eventually fail you in the test. Whether it is a prescribed drug or an addictive drug, you will end up with a failure to pass the drug test. However, if you are on medication that involves some drugs that are illegal then you need to tell your HR manager.

The HR manager will testify to your medication with the help of proof from an authorized doctor letter. And then you will not fail to get that job.

However, if you fail the test and you do not have prescription evidence then you are surely going to get a rejection from Tesla.

What Drug Test Type Does Tesla Will Use and How to Pass It?

The drug screening Tesla requires for new hires is most likely a urine test. This is the standard type of test used for pre-employment screening.

Urine tests can detect recent drug use, typically in the past few days. Common illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamines can be found.

To pass a urine test, the main options are to abstain from drug use or try to flush out your system. Stopping use for 1-3 weeks allows drug levels to drop below detection thresholds. You can also try diluting urine by drinking extra fluids before the test.

There are also detox kits and drinks advertised to help clear out drug residues faster. Their effectiveness can vary greatly. Substituting clean urine from someone else is risky and illegal.

The best policy is to be clean from illegal drugs prior to applying for jobs requiring drug tests like Tesla. With preparation and avoiding drug exposure for a couple of weeks, you can pass a urine test without issues.

What is the Tesla Hiring Process?

Here is the detailed answer to how Tesla hires new employees:

The first step is applying online through Tesla’s careers page or LinkedIn. Candidates submit a resume and complete an application form.

If your background matches an open position, you may receive an email to complete an online screening. This consists of some basic info, questions about skills, and short answer responses.

Selected applicants are then invited for one or more interviews. These are usually done over video calls for initial rounds. Later stages may involve in-person interviews at a Tesla location.

Interviews will assess your technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit. Some roles also include skills tests related to the job.

If hired, you’ll receive a job offer detailing compensation, benefits, and start date. Background checks and drug screening will occur before employment is finalized.

New employees go through a general onboarding program to learn about company policies and systems. You’ll also receive job-specific training and orientation for your team.

The hiring process can move quickly at Tesla, sometimes only a few weeks from application to start date. The steps aim to evaluate candidates on merit and potential contributions.


Be ready to start your new career at Tesla. If you are worried about drug testing then you need to be ready for it. You will definitely get tested if you are going to apply for certain positions. If you have any questions about Tesla hiring and drug testing, you can ask now.

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