Does Ulta Drug Test?

Ulta Beauty, the shining gem in the world of beauty retail, beckons with 1355 dazzling store locations across the United States. With a workforce of approximately 40,000 employees, the enigmatic question of Ulta’s hiring and employee policies often looms large, capturing the intrigue of job seekers and current team members alike. The spotlight today is on drug testing – does Ulta drug test? Well, we will find the right answer in this article.

From pre-employment to the hiring process, we will get to know about all the things that Ulta considers when hiring new employees. So let’s start the guide now without any further ado.

Does Ulta Drug Test for New Employees?

According to our research, Ulta does have a fair policy about drug testing. They often conduct a drug test on the new employees. However, there are some jobs where you do not need to pass the drug test. But you should be ready to face a drug test if you are willing to apply for a job at Ulta Beauty.

Does Ulta Drug Test

Also, you will face a drug test if anything happens during the job like you hurt yourself or others due to working negligence. To make sure that you are not taking any type of illegal drugs, you will have to pass the test.

What are the Occasions When Ulta Conducts a Drug Test on Employees?

Ulta does drug tests for new and old employees. When you apply for a job, they will make you take a drug test first before officially hiring you.

After you start working at Ulta, they can also make you take a random drug test. This means they might tell you to take a drug test at any time, even if you have not done anything wrong.

In addition, if there is an accident at your Ulta store, they will likely drug test you. For example, if you get hurt on the job or damage store property, you will probably have to take a drug test that day.

Ulta might also drug test you if they think you seem high or drunk at work. Or if a customer complains you seemed under the influence, Ulta could surprise you with a drug test to check.

So in summary, Ulta does drug tests for new hires, random checks, after accidents, and if you exhibit suspicious behavior at work.

I am On Prescription Drugs, What to Do?

If you have to take a drug test for Ulta, but you are on prescription drugs, do not worry. Ulta understands that some people need to take medicine prescribed by a doctor.

However, there is a big difference between illegal recreational drugs and drugs you take for medical reasons. You will need to show Ulta proof that your drugs were prescribed.

Before you take the drug test, tell the person giving the test what medications you take. Also, bring the prescription bottles with you to show it is a legal drug. Or bring a doctor’s note listing your prescriptions.

That way, if those drugs show up on the test, Ulta will know it is okay. They expect the prescription drugs to be in your system and will not count them against you. Just be sure to give the drug tester all the documentation to prove your medications are prescribed.

So, taking prescribed drugs is fine with Ulta. But you need to provide medical proof so they know it is not illegal drug use.

What Drug Test Does Ulta Beauty Use on Employees?

Ulta may use different kinds of drug tests on employees. For new employees just getting hired, Ulta is more likely to use a hair follicle test. This test can detect if you have used drugs in the last 90 days by analyzing a small sample of your hair.

After you start working at Ulta, they usually do urine tests if they need to test you again. For example, random drug tests or tests after an accident are often urine tests.

These urine drug tests can find drugs that are currently in your system from use in the last few days. The urine tests are cheaper and have quicker results than the hair tests.

So, Ulta often uses hair follicle testing for pre-employment screening of new hires. But after you are an employee, they tend to use urine drug tests to check for recent drug use. Both types of tests allow Ulta to enforce its drug-free workplace policy.

What is the Duration of Ulta Drug Testing?

The duration for drug testing can take up to a few hours. You need to visit the clinic where you will be asked for your urine, hair, or saliva sample. You need to provide your sample. For the urine test, you will be given a tube that you need to fill with your urine.

For saliva, the doctor or lab assistant will do a mouth swab and take it as a sample. After that, you can leave the clinic and your results will come in a few days.


Is it necessary to pass the drug test at Ulta?

Yes, you must pass the drug test to be officially hired at Ulta.

How would I know if I would fail a drug test?

If you have recently used illegal drugs, they could still be detected and cause you to fail the test.

Can I refuse to conduct a drug test?

No, the drug test is a mandatory part of Ulta’s hiring process and employment policies. Refusing would disqualify you.

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