Does Waste Management Hire Felons?

Finding employment after serving time in prison can be an uphill battle. However, there are companies like Waste Management that are open to hiring former felons under certain circumstances. So if you were thinking about does waste management hire felons then yes they do. Waste Management is one of the largest waste disposal and recycling companies in North America. 

With job opportunities available across the country, Waste Management may offer a second chance for ex-offenders looking to re-enter the workforce. While a criminal background does not automatically disqualify someone from working at Waste Management, the company does have hiring policies in place. 

There are factors that are considered when deciding whether to hire an applicant with a felony conviction. By understanding Waste Management’s approach to hiring felons, former inmates can better assess their chances of securing a job with the company. 

Further examination of Waste Management’s policies and experiences shared by former felons who now work there can provide valuable insights. So read this article completely.

Does Waste Management Hire Felons?

Yes, Waste Management does hire felons. However, they are a bit strict when they are going to hire an employee with a criminal record. Waste Management conducts background checks on all potential employees. So any prior convictions will be uncovered during the hiring screening process.

Does Waste Management Hire Felons

If a candidate has a felony on their record, that does not mean he/she can not work with Waste Management. However, the company does take the nature and severity of the conviction into account. Violent crimes and theft may make it very difficult to get hired. However, non-violent felonies committed longer ago seem less concerning to Waste Management hiring managers.

Additionally, Waste Management evaluates the candidate’s employment history and references. Applicants who demonstrate consistent work histories and positive references have a better chance of overcoming a prior felony. Moreover, displaying honesty about one’s record and expressing remorse improves one’s prospects.

In short, Waste Management offers opportunities to felons seeking to re-enter the workforce. However, getting hired requires meeting strict standards regarding the type of offense committed and one’s actions since release.

What is the Waste Management Policy For Hiring Felons in 2023?

Waste Management is committed to providing employment opportunities to qualified candidates, including those with criminal histories. However, they have a duty to ensure a safe work environment for employees and customers.

Therefore, candidates with felony convictions will have to give approval for their background check. But remember that, a felony is not only the option that will disqualify you from being an employee of Waste Management. However, certain types of convictions may make a candidate ineligible for hire.

Violent felonies such as homicide, assault, rape, and robbery often disqualify candidates. Additionally, felonies involving theft, fraud, or embezzlement often prohibit hiring due to the handling of finances and valuables in many positions.

For felonies that are eligible for hire, the following factors are considered:

  • Nature and gravity of the crime
  • Length of time passed since conviction and completion of sentence
  • Candidate’s history since conviction
  • Whether the conviction would directly relate to the position applied for

Candidates are also assessed based on employment history, employer references, and demonstration of good conduct. An honest and open discussion of the conviction improves a candidate’s prospects.

Ultimately, Waste Management reserves the right to protect the interests of the company through necessary hiring stipulations.

How to Increase Chances to Get a Job at Waste Management as a Felony?

If you are willing to get a job at Waste Management then you need to follow these steps.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting a job at Waste Management as a felon:

  • Seek out entry-level positions such as waste collector or sorting facility worker. Requirements may be less stringent for these roles versus management positions.
  • Enroll in a trade program to gain job skills. Earning a commercial driver’s license can open opportunities in waste collection.
  • Prepare explanations for your conviction. Be truthful and show remorse when interviewed.
  • Get letters of recommendation from past employers, parole officers, or community leaders. Solid references can overcome stigma.
  • Highlight your work ethic, positivity, and reliability. Companies want productive workers they can count on.
  • Emphasize any community service activities done since release. Giving back displays changed values.
  • Apply to divisions in communities with more open-minded hiring practices toward felons. Location matters.
  • Seek internal referrals from current employees. Having an insider vouch for you builds trust.
  • If denied, ask specifically what you can improve on re-application. Show determination.
  • Consult local programs that assist felons with job searches and interview skills. Utilize available resources.

Stay persistent and continue improving yourself. With the right qualifications and sincere effort, a career in Waste Management may become attainable.


Does Waste Management run background checks on applicants?

Yes, Waste Management conducts background checks on all applicants who apply for their resumes. Felony convictions will be uncovered during these checks.

How long does a felony conviction remain on your record when applying to Waste Management?

Waste Management considers felony convictions of any age. However, more recent felonies are usually more concerning to hiring managers than older offenses.

What positions at Waste Management are most open to hiring felons?

Entry-level jobs like waste collectors, sorters, or landfill laborers tend to be more open to felon applicants than management roles. The requirements may be less strict.

If I’m on parole, can I still get a job at Waste Management?

Being on parole does not prohibit employment at Waste Management. However, the specifics of your parole and conviction will determine eligibility.

Will my felony prevent me from driving a Waste Management truck?

Driving positions frequently require a clean criminal history. However, exceptions may be made for older non-violent felonies at their discretion.

If Waste Management denies me a job, how long should I wait to reapply after a felony conviction?

If denied employment, wait at least one year before reapplying to demonstrate personal growth. Seeking skills training or positive references can also help improve your candidacy over time.


So last, you can be an employee at Waste Management if you have done some minor crimes in the past. However, if you have made big mistakes like murder, rap and bank robbery then you may get a rejection.

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