Does Western Express Drug Test?

Does Western Express drug test? It’s an important question for anyone considering a job there. Trucking companies typically screen applicants to ensure safety on the roads. But policies vary. At Western Express, as one of the largest US truckload carriers, their approach aims to balance privacy with responsibility. 

Getting hired without worrying about passing a drug test may appeal to some. Yet rules exist for good reason. Staying alert and following regulations matter behind the wheel of a 40-ton rig. 

So where does Western actually stand? Do they use urine samples, hair tests, or another method? When might exceptions occur? Understanding the full details could help decide if it’s the right fit. Of course, individual choices come into play too. Those committed to life on the open highway may not mind. Either way, the topic merits a closer look.

About Western Express

Western Express has been on the road for over three decades, providing truckload shipping services across the continental United States. Founded in 1991 by Donna and Wayne Wise in Nashville, Tennessee, the company has grown steadily over the years. Today, Western Express employs around 2,000 people and operates a fleet of over 1,800 tractors and 6,300 trailers out of terminals strategically located across the country. 

The company hauls freight of all types, specializing in temperature-controlled, flatbed, and dry van services. Western Express runs primarily over-the-road long-haul shipments, enabling customers to reach key markets nationwide. 

With its knowledgeable staff, modern equipment, and focus on customer service, Western Express has established itself as a leading truckload carrier. The company remains headquartered in Nashville, where its founders began the business with a single truck over thirty years ago.

Does Western Express Drug Test Drivers?

Western Express has a strict drug testing policy for all employees. When starting work, new hires are required to take a drug test on their first day of training. Testing positive will lead to the job offer being rescinded. Additionally, existing employees undergo random drug tests throughout their time with the company. Drivers in particular can be tested without notice. 

Does Western Express Drug Test

This comprehensive testing program aims to ensure safety and compliance with federal regulations in the trucking industry. By screening for drug use, Western Express seeks to protect its drivers, vehicles, cargo, and the public at large. 

The policy makes clear – that illicit substances have no place for those behind the wheel at Western Express. So prospective employees should expect and prepare to pass a test before beginning a career on the open road with the company.

What Are the Types of Drug Tests that Western Express Uses?

Western Express utilizes two primary methods to screen for drug use – urine tests and breathalyzers. All new hires must take a urine drug test on their first day of orientation. This checks for a wide range of illegal substances and prescription medications taken without a prescription. Employees can also be asked to provide a urine sample for random drug testing during their employment.

In addition, breathalyzer testing is used by Western Express to detect alcohol use. Drivers may be given a breath test before starting their shift. Random breathalyzer testing can also occur throughout the day. Even a small amount of alcohol can lead to an employee failing the test.

With these urine and breathalyzer screenings, Western Express aims to maintain a fully sober and attentive workforce. The tests act as a safeguard for the company, its drivers, and the public.

For What Drugs Does Western Express Drug Test the Employees?

Here is a list of the five types of drugs that Western Express tests for:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Unlike some other trucking companies, Western Express does not make candidates take a hair follicle drug test. The Department of Transportation does not mandate follicle testing, so it is an optional internal policy that companies can choose to implement or not. 

Western Express has opted not to use hair testing at this time, only requiring new hires to pass the federally recognized urine drug screen. While follicle tests can detect substance use going back months, they are not an official DOT requirement for drivers. 

So prospective employees can apply to Western Express without worries over passing a hair test, as the company currently sticks to the five-panel urine analysis.

Final Thoughts

Western Express is a transportation company that deals with many drivers to drive their vehicles. So it is very obvious that the company will perform drug tests for all the employees as they have to drive heavy vehicles regularly. If they do not perform any testing, there will be accidents that are hard to deal with. So you need to be ready for a urine drug test if you are willing to apply for a driving position.

Thanks for reading and choosing our blog as a source to get the right answer about the Western Express drug test.

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