How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer?

So you are the one who wants to know “How to pass a drug test with hand sanitizer?” Well, it is funny though but it works. Your friend or colleague must have told you that they have used the hand sanitizer during the urine drug testing and have passed the drug test successfully. 

Also, you would be surprised to know how this can happen and if it is true then how you can use it, Right? Well, we have a detailed guide on this topic that you can use while going to pass the urine testing.

However, you need to know that this method is only useful when you are going to perform a urine drug test and no one should be watching you. If you are in a place where a person will watch you to pee and pour the bottle then this trick is useless.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer?

So yes, this is true that you can pass the urine drug test with the help of the hand sanitizer method. Here is how this method works.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer

Step 1: Take a Small Size Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Your first step is to find or buy a small hand sanitizer bottle that can fit into your underwear. This step is very crucial as you have to keep this bottle hidden while going to pee in the test cup.

Step 2: Go and Pee

This is the second step where you will pick up the sample cup from the lap or representative of the lab and go to urine inside the cup. Now comes the real magic.

When you start to pee, you need to pour some hand sanitizer inside the testing cup first before you pee. Try to add a layer of sanitizer to the button of the testing cup and then start to pee in it.

Step 3: Shake the Sample Cup

Once you are done with pee, you need to close the lid of the cup and shake the cup of urine sample so that all the hand sanitizer will dissolve into the urine. Now hand over this sample to the lap representative and come back home.

How Does Hand Sanitizer Temper the Urine Drug Test?

So here comes the right question, does it really temper the drug test results?

Dissolving hand sanitizer into urine is unlikely to have any meaningful impact on the results of a urine drug test. While hand sanitizers typically contain alcohol, which might be detected in a drug test, the concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizer is relatively low. 

The primary active ingredient in hand sanitizers is typically ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, and these alcohols evaporate quickly. When you mix hand sanitizer into the urine, the alcohol will further dilute and disperse, making it unlikely to significantly affect the drug test results.

So there is no scientific evidence that you will pass the drug test when you add hand sanitizer to your urine sample. In fact, it can show traces of alcohol due to the alcohol present in the hand sanitizer.


It is preferable to stay away from these types of false tricks as they will not temper your drug test. There are other ticks as well like drinking a lot of water is much better than this one. This is complete bullshit and funny in fact. So next time someone tells you that you can pass the urine drug testing with the help of a hand sanitizer, you know what to say to him or her.

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