Sprouts Farmers Market Background Check

Thinking of applying for a job at Sprouts Farmers Market? As one of the fastest-growing natural food chains in the country, Sprouts takes employee selection seriously. Like many major retailers, Sprouts conducts background checks on all job candidates. This helps ensure a safe, productive work environment. But don’t let that deter you from pursuing an exciting career with this innovative company. 

Sprouts background checks are standard procedure, not something to fear. Make sure your application is truthful and shows why you’re a great fit for the Sprouts team. With focus and preparation, background checks are just another step on the path to landing your dream job and thriving at Sprouts.

In this article, we will learn about whether Sprouts Farmers Market hires felons or not. So stay with me.

Does Sprouts Farmers Market Background Check?

Sprouts Farmers Market takes employee selection very seriously in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment for customers. As part of the hiring process, the company performs background checks on all job applicants who receive a conditional offer of employment. This allows Sprouts to verify that candidates have been truthful in their job applications and helps identify any potential issues or risks with hiring an individual.

Sprouts Farmers Market Background Check

The background checks conducted by Sprouts are quite thorough. They include examining a candidate’s criminal history, employment history, and education credentials. Sprouts may also contact previous employers and educational institutions to verify details provided by the applicant. In some cases, driving records or credit reports may be reviewed as well, depending on the position.

By conducting background checks, Sprouts aims to protect its brand image and prevent any workplace violence, theft, or fraud. Responsible hiring practices also reduce liability risks. While background checks are standard for most major corporations, Sprouts states that any information revealed will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Minor infractions or resolving issues from an applicant’s past will not necessarily preclude them from being hired.

Overall, job seekers should be prepared to undergo background screening if they want to join the Sprouts Farmers Market team. Being truthful on your application and not having any major red flags in your past will ensure the smoothest hiring process. Sprouts just want to make sure it is staffing stores with reliable, honest individuals who will contribute to a positive environment.

Does Sprouts Farmers Market Hire Felons?

Sprouts Farmers Market does consider hiring felons on a case-by-case basis. However, much depends on the nature of the felony conviction and when it occurred. Sprouts conduct thorough background checks on all job candidates, so any criminal record will be discovered during the hiring process.

For felony convictions that are more recent, within the last 5-7 years, the chances of being hired by Sprouts are low. The company tends to be cautious about recent felonies related to theft, fraud, violence, or serious drug offenses. However, old convictions from long ago or felonies that are unrelated to the work being performed may be excusable. Sprouts evaluate the age of the crime, rehabilitation efforts, and evidence the individual has changed their life positively.

Those with a felony hoping to get hired by Sprouts will increase their chances if they are upfront about their past. Honesty and demonstrating remorse for past mistakes are looked upon favorably. Having solid references vouching for you is also helpful. Applying for a stocker, cashier or lower-level position further boosts the possibility Sprouts will give a felon applicant a chance to work there.

While it’s not impossible for felons to get jobs at Sprouts, the conviction must be far in the past and not raise concerns about workplace behavior or safety. Recent serious felonies make it very tough to be approved through Sprouts’ background screening. However, honesty about one’s record and personal growth can sometimes lead to exceptions being made.

How Often Does Sprouts Farmers Market Background Check?

Sprouts Farmers Market conducts background checks on all job candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment. This is a one-time background check done during the hiring process.

Sprouts does not regularly or periodically conduct additional background checks on current employees after they have been hired. The initial background check serves to verify a candidate’s identity, employment eligibility, criminal history, and qualifications for the job they have applied for.

Unless an existing employee applies for a promotion or transfer to a substantially different role, Sprouts will not repeat a background check. For example, if a cashier wants to move into a management position, a second background check may be performed to ensure they are suitable for the higher level of responsibility.

However, moving from a cashier to a produce clerk role, lateral moves, or standard annual reviews would not require going through the background check process again. Sprouts trust that by selecting responsible employees with clean backgrounds in the initial hiring phase, continued screening is not necessary.

How to Get a Job at Sprouts Farmers Market With Felony? Best Tips

Here are some tips for getting a job at Sprouts Farmers Market with a felony conviction:

  • Be honest. Disclose your felony upfront on the application rather than letting it come up on the background check. This shows integrity.
  • Apply for lower-level positions like cashier, stocker, or clerk roles. Sprouts are more likely to consider felons for these jobs than management roles.
  • Highlight rehabilitation efforts. Share any training certificates, volunteer work, or positive life changes since your conviction. This can reassure employers.
  • Get strong references. Have managers, teachers, or community leaders vouch for your character and work ethic. Solid referrals can override concerns about a record.
  • Explain the circumstances. Briefly share what led to the felony and take full accountability. Outline how you’ve changed for the better since then.
  • Be patient and persistent. It may take applying to multiple locations before a manager gives you a chance. Follow up and show you really want the job.

With an honest, humble approach focused on personal growth and the right role, it’s possible for felons to begin a career with Sprouts. The key is showing that past mistakes don’t define you now.


Do Sprouts do background checks?

Yes, Sprouts conducts background checks on all job candidates who receive a conditional offer of employment. The background check will uncover any prior felony convictions.

What kind of felonies would prevent someone from being hired at Sprouts?

Felonies for recent violent crimes, theft, financial fraud, and serious drug offenses make it very difficult to get hired at Sprouts. However, old convictions or those unrelated to the work may be excusable.

Should I disclose my felony conviction on the Sprouts job application?

It’s best to be upfront about your felony from the start rather than letting it come up on the background check. Honesty and transparency can demonstrate your integrity.

Can I get a job at Sprouts with a felony if I apply for a lower-level position?

Yes, focusing your search on entry-level jobs like cashier, stocker, or clerk improves your chances of applying for management roles. Sprouts may be more flexible for frontline work.


In conclusion, securing employment with a felony conviction takes perseverance, but Sprouts strives to evaluate all applicants fairly and individually. While recent violent or theft-related felonies make getting hired very difficult, those with old or unrelated convictions still have a chance. Showing remorse, outlining rehabilitation, and having good references can help overcome the stigma of a criminal record.

For felons focused on turning their life around, an entry-level role at Sprouts may be attainable. Yet it likely requires trying multiple locations, being willing to start small, and highlighting positive life changes since one’s conviction. 

With determination, transparency, and patience, a past mistake need not forever hinder someone from building a career at companies like Sprouts. Redemption and second chances are possible for felons who demonstrate their capability to positively contribute as loyal, hardworking team members.

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