UPS Background Check

UPS background check is a mandatory process when getting a job there. If you are thinking about applying for a job at UPS then you should be ready for a background check. However, every job position has different criteria for a background check.

If you have a felony in your past record then USP wants to know that. However, a felony does not mean that you are disqualified. There are factors that UPS will consider when they hire an employee with a felony. So if you are someone who has done something wrong in the past and now you want to know about the hiring process of UPS then you are at the right website.

In this article, I will share all the useful information as an Attorney At Law that I personally dealt with during my career. You will get all the true answers today.

UPS Background Check 2023

Does UPS background check in 2023? Yes, USP does check the background of its employees.

UPS Background Check

Background checks are a crucial part of the hiring process for UPS and many other companies. These checks help ensure the safety and security of both the company and its customers. Moreover, they play a significant role in maintaining the company’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Does UPS Hire Felons?

Does UPS Hire Felons

Yes, UPS has a hiring policy that offers a second chance to all felons. However, there are some conditions that every felon has to pass in order to get a job at UPS company.

But you need to know that your felony is not the reason to be a disqualifier for UPS jobs.

For What Positions Does UPS Do Background Check?

When applying for a job at UPS, there are certain positions that require a background check for sure. Most of these positions are entry-level while positions like Warehouse supervisor require a more strict background check.

So here are the positions that require a low-level background check.

Package Handlers

Does UPS background check package handlers? Yes, they do.

If you are thinking about applying for a package handler job at UPS then you will have to pass the background checks. UPS will definitely ask you about your past and if there is a severe type of felony in your record, you are going to get in trouble.

However minor felonies will not raise a red flag here. So you should be confident and do not tell lie about your past and be honest.


UPS drivers have a responsibility to handle valuable packages and interact with customers daily. By conducting background checks, UPS can verify that potential employees have a clean criminal history and a record of responsible behavior. This helps minimize the risk of theft, fraud, or any other actions that could harm the company’s operations or its customers.

Warehouse Workers

Employees working in UPS warehouses may handle valuable merchandise and equipment. Background checks help ensure that warehouse workers are reliable and do not pose a security risk.

Customer Service Representatives

UPS customer service representatives often handle customer inquiries, complaints, and sensitive information. A check is necessary to verify their ability to maintain professionalism and handle customer data responsibly.

Supervisors and Managers

Positions with supervisory or managerial responsibilities require checks to ensure candidates have a history of responsible behavior and leadership qualities.

A complete check of employees also ensures that UPS complies with legal requirements and regulations related to hiring and employment. They help the company confirm that job applicants are eligible to work and have the necessary qualifications for the positions they are applying for.

Moreover, background checks are part of UPS’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure work environment. By screening potential employees, UPS can identify any red flags that might indicate a history of violence or other behaviors that could pose a risk to coworkers or customers.

Process of Background Check for UPS Employees

The background check process involves several steps to ensure that prospective employees meet the company’s standards for safety and reliability. Here’s a detailed overview of the process:

Process of Background Check for UPS Employees

Application Submission:

The process begins when an individual submits an online application for a position at UPS. Applicants are typically required to provide their personal information, employment history, and other relevant details.

Initial Screening:

UPS conducts an initial review of the application to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications for the position they applied for. This may include checking for minimum age requirements and relevant experience.

Criminal History Check:

UPS conducts a comprehensive criminal check on each applicant. This check typically includes a search for any criminal convictions, including felonies and misdemeanors. UPS may also consider the nature of the offense and how long ago it occurred.

Employment Verification:

UPS verifies the employment history provided by the applicant. This involves contacting previous employers to confirm job titles, dates of employment, and job performance.

Education Verification:

If educational qualifications are a requirement for the position, UPS will also verify the applicant’s educational background. This will include checking degrees, certifications, or diplomas with the respective educational institutions.

Driving Record Check (if applicable):

For positions that involve driving, such as delivery drivers or package handlers with driving responsibilities, UPS checks the applicant’s driving record. This helps assess the applicant’s history of safe driving.

Reference Checks:

UPS may contact provided references to gather additional information about the applicant’s character, work ethic, and suitability for the job.

Drug Screening (if applicable):

Depending on the position and location, UPS may require applicants to undergo a drug screening as part of the background checking process.

Final Review:

Once all background and verifications are complete, UPS reviews the gathered information to determine whether the applicant meets the company’s hiring criteria.

Offer of Employment:

If the applicant successfully passes all checks and meets the qualifications, UPS extends a formal job offer. The applicant can then accept the offer and proceed with the onboarding process.

UPS Job Types That Do Not Require a Background Check:

  • Temporary or Seasonal Package Handlers: UPS may hire temporary or seasonal package handlers during peak shipping seasons (e.g., the holiday season). These positions may have less stringent check requirements due to their temporary nature.
  • Administrative Roles: Some administrative roles within UPS, such as clerical positions, may have fewer security-related responsibilities and may not require extensive checks.
  • Maintenance and Facilities Staff: While maintenance and facilities staff play important roles in keeping UPS facilities operational, their responsibilities may not involve the same level of security or customer interactions as other positions, reducing the need for comprehensive background checks.
  • Interns and Entry-Level Positions: Entry-level positions and internships may have less stringent check requirements compared to more senior roles within the company.

What Are Background Check Disqualifiers?

Now we will look at the factors that are a reason to be disqualified as a UPS employee. So you need to avoid these mistakes and then apply for the job. Also, if you are a felon then you should apply for a job at least and then leave it up to UPS whether they hire you or not. So here are the disqualifying factors:

Criminal History

Any felony conviction within the last 7 years will disqualify you. Felonies are serious crimes like robbery, assault, or fraud.

Misdemeanor convictions within the last 5 years related to integrity or violence may also disqualify you. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes like petty theft or simple assault.

Motor Vehicle Record

Multiple moving violations within the last 3 years. Things like speeding tickets, running red lights, or reckless driving.

DUI or DWI within the last 3 years. These stand for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.

Employment History

Being fired from a previous job for violence, harassment, theft, fraud, or serious policy violations.
Lying about your work history or qualifications.

Drug Screening

Failing a drug test by testing positive for illegal drugs or controlled substances without a prescription.

The main things that will disqualify you are serious crimes, multiple driving violations, being fired from jobs for misconduct, and failing a drug test. Having minor issues like an old speeding ticket or getting fired from a job as a teenager likely won’t disqualify you.


How long does a background check take for UPS?

Background checks at UPS typically take 3 to 7 business days to complete.

How far back do UPS background checks go?

UPS background checks go back the entire time period from your 18th birthday to the present day, no matter how old you are.

So for example:

  • If you are 25, it will cover ages 18-25 (7 years)
  • If you are 36, it will cover ages 18-36 (18 years)
  • If you are 55, it will cover ages 18-55 (37 years)

Can you have a record at UPS?

Having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify you from working at UPS, as eligibility depends on the nature and timing of the convictions.

Does UPS hire without an interview?

In most cases, UPS conducts interviews as part of its hiring process and rarely hires without one.

What if you have disqualifiers?

If you have disqualifying factors in your check, UPS may assess each case individually and consider the nature of the disqualifiers before making a hiring decision.

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