Walmart Background Check

Walmart, a household name for many, is known for more than just its massive stores and affordable prices. Behind the scenes, before you apply for a job at that bright blue and yellow sign mart, you may need to pass the background check. This guide is based on a “Walmart background check” and I will answer all the important questions in this article. So if you are wondering whether Walmart does a background check when you apply for a new job there then this guide is a gold mine for you.

Does Walmart Run a Background Check?

Yes, Walmart does indeed run a background check when hiring new associates. But why do they do this? Well, let me explain. You see, Walmart is a big and responsible company, much like a grown-up who takes care of their home. 

When they hire someone to join their Walmart family, they want to make sure they’re bringing in people who will help keep things safe and sound, just like you’d want someone responsible to babysit your pet hamster or water your plants when you’re away.

Walmart Background Check

So, they use background checks to learn more about the person they’re thinking of hiring. It’s like checking a new friend’s past to make sure they’re trustworthy and will be a good fit for the team. 

This way, they can find out if the person has been in any trouble before, like not following the rules or making bad choices. By doing this, they’re making sure they’re bringing in folks who will help make Walmart a great place to shop and work. It’s all about keeping the store a friendly and safe place for everyone to enjoy.

What Does Walmart Look for in a Background Check?

When Walmart conducts a background check, they look at several important things to make sure they’re making the best hiring decisions. Let me break down what they search for:

  • Criminal Records: Walmart checks to see if a person has been involved in any serious legal trouble, like being arrested or convicted of a crime. They want to ensure that their associates are law-abiding citizens who will keep the store safe.
  • Sex Offender Registry: It’s crucial for Walmart to know if a potential employee is on a list of registered sex offenders. This helps them ensure the safety of both their customers and fellow associates.
  • Identity Confirmation: Walmart verifies that the person they’re hiring is who they claim to be. This step is like making sure you’re inviting the right friend over to play.
  • Credit Score: While it might sound surprising, Walmart may also check a person’s credit score. They do this to get a sense of how responsible someone is with their finances. This can be important for certain job positions, especially if they involve handling money.
  • Employment and Education History: Walmart wants to know about a person’s work and education history. They check to see if the information on the job application matches what they find during the background check. It’s like making sure a puzzle piece fits perfectly into the picture.


What background check system does Walmart use?

Walmart uses a variety of background check systems and tools to conduct thorough background checks on potential employees. One of the primary systems they use is likely a third-party background screening company. These companies specialize in gathering and verifying information about job applicants.

How long does it take Walmart to approve background checks?

Walmart background check will take 5 business days to complete. So if you are waiting for your result then you need to stay calm for 5 business days.

Why am I not eligible for a background check at Walmart?

If your background record is labeled as theft, sex offender, or fraud then your chances to be hired by Walmart are almost none.

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