What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test?

What happens if you fail a drug test? I know very well how it feels when you fail a drug test. That dreaded call from your employer. The sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize what it likely means. Failing a drug test can derail careers and upend lives in an instant. While the consequences vary based on the circumstances, a positive test almost always leads to serious repercussions. 

Some face termination or loss of a job offer. Others are suspended or enter a treatment program. Whatever the outcome, it’s a difficult situation for all involved. Perhaps it was an occasional weekend indulgence you thought was long gone from your system. 

Or a legitimately prescribed medication you forgot to report. Whatever led you down this path, know that options exist. However, the tunnel may seem dark now, take heart. With the right resources and support, many have rebounded from this setback.

In this guide, I will educate you about everything related to a failed drug test with my own personal experience.

I Also Failed A Drug Test 8 Years Ago

It was the phone call I’d been dreading for weeks. The partner at my law firm was on the other end, his voice stern as he said the words – “Mark, we need to talk about your drug test results.” My heart sank. I knew this day would come, but I’d desperately hoped it wouldn’t.

Rewind to 8 years ago. I was a young, ambitious lawyer trying to prove myself. I often worked late into the night, fueled by coffee and anxiety. Some colleagues introduced me to cocaine, rationalizing it would help me focus. I was naïve enough to believe them. Before long, I was habitually using coke to stay sharp and productive. I thought I had it under control. Until that fateful drug test.

Sitting in my partner’s office, I was flooded with shame and regret. I’d thrown away years of hard work with my poor decisions. The partner told me bluntly that I’d be fired unless I entered rehab. With tears in my eyes, I agreed.

In the months that followed, I faced urges and temptations daily. But I took it one day at a time. Therapy and meetings helped me unpack why I’d made those choices. Slowly but surely, I began to find healthier ways to deal with stress.

Now 8 years later, I’m thankful to be sober and have a second chance at my career. I still feel occasional pangs of embarrassment about that younger version of myself. But I’m proud of how far I’ve come. My past does not define me. And if anything, it’s given me more empathy and insight to help my clients in their own struggles. I’m living proof that redemption is possible if you’re willing to do the work.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test?

Failing a drug test can lead to serious consequences. Also, the specific outcomes depend on who required you to take the drug test and why.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test

Failed a Pre-Employment Drug Test

If it was for a job application, failing likely means you will not get hired. Also, the employer wanted the drug test to make sure you do not use drugs. If the test finds drugs in your system, the company will not hire you. They do not want employees who use drugs.

Random Drug Test on Job

Other times, a drug test is required if you already have a job. However, your workplace may do random drug testing on employees. If you fail one of these random tests, your employer will be very upset. 

So you could face discipline like a suspension from work. Or they may require you to complete a drug rehabilitation program. Worst case, you could be fired if the company has zero tolerance for drug use.

Drug Tests by Legal Authorities 

Apart from employment, sometimes drug tests are ordered by legal authorities. People on probation or parole often have mandatory drug testing. If you fail one of these court-ordered tests, there could be legal punishments. 

For example, your probation could be revoked and you may have to serve jail time. The judge will look very negatively on a failed drug test in these situations.

Parents Drug Testing

Lastly, parents may drug test their teenage kids. If a teen fails their parent’s at-home drug test, consequences will depend on the parents. Most would ground the teen and enroll them in counseling. However, disappointment and erosion of trust are also big consequences for a teen.

A failed drug test usually ruins your chances of getting a job. It also leads to discipline or termination if you already work for the company. And legal punishments or loss of parental trust for those on probation or teens. The outcomes are never good when you fail a drug test. It’s best to avoid drug use in the first place.

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